Simple Things

Simple Things

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope your year was brought in with love and blessings.

We have been off to a good start so far this year…spending more time with each other

as a family which is always an amazing thing.

This past week was a bit rough because the little man was sick. I got to spend 

a lot of time with him. It’s the simple things, like his smile or wanting to cuddle that make

everything else seem so small. I love my little family. 

this is what made him feel better while I was trying to work from home…

all these snacks at Eli’s First Birthday Party! He was dipping the pretzels in the frosting of the cupcake.

this is the best because he wanted his Momma to sit with him at his 

little table and chairs set. He melts my heart.

he will soon have no more man bun as this hair is getting CUT this 


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January Stitch Fix

January Stitch Fix

Have you ever had a blanket that was just so warm and comfortable that you wish it was a sweater

so that you could actually wear it in public?

Well….I got one of those sweaters in my box…it’s the one pictured above. Is it crazy that I want leggings

to be made with this material too and just where everything?

I kept everything again in my box this month…I think I talked too much about the sweater

but I really do like everything else. The blazer is comfortable and fits amazing. The gray top and the striped one

is something I can wear to work or dress it down for the weekend.

The plaid ankle length work pants are going to be perfect for this winter!

ready to sign up for your fix?

get your referral right here!

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Simple Things – A Christmas Edition

Simple Things – A Christmas Edition

Everyone year my sister-in-law hosts a Christmas Pajama Party!

Over the years the group has gotten bigger and bigger. I feel like a new baby is added each year.

This year was a blast now that Mac is a bit older and so forth. 

Here are some pictures from the party – that was the best group shot I could find.

And after a crazy party….why not hide your bottle in the tree??

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