Simple Things

Simple Things

Is anyone else as excited as me that it is SEPTEMBER?

I can already feel the more crisp air which is calling my name

I’m so excited for jean, boots and hoodies weather. 


Meet Olivia Jo born on August 26, 2016. Her momma is 

one of my dearest and oldest friends…we have been friends

since we were about 4 or 5. Welcome to the world Baby O!IMG_0645

Speaking of things that start with an ‘O’….I just had to

share this simple treasure that makes your eyes light 

up because someone made these amazing Oreo cupcakes

and brought them to work. It was quite a surprise after taking my first

bite and realizing that there was an OREO at the bottom. So good!IMG_0651

This picture just melts my heart…plain and simple

my guys xo

this kid wanted to watch his brig brothers playing outside so

he figured this was the best way to do it….he likes taking risks…


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Friday Eats!

Friday Eats!


I feel like I need to take a moment and celebrate that

SEPTEMBER is finally here!!!!!!!!!

Reasons why I love September?

|| Dave and I started dating in September

|| We got married in September

||My sis / brother in law got married in September

|| It’s Fall

|| boots can come out of the closet

So Let’s chat a bit about today’s Friday Eats…since I was so excited that

September is finally here.

I found another new blog designed for desserts and get this – the desserts are HEALTHY. 

I love desserts…and if they are healthy? Well Yes Please!

All recipes today come from Desserts with Benefits Blog – check her stuff out here.


Red Velvet Smoothie


Blueberry Lemon Rosewater Chia Seed Pudding 


and because we can’t forget about Pumpkin..

Pumpkin Donut Holes


and I want to eat this one like RIGHT.NOW.

Brownie Batter Overnight Dessert Oats


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September Stitch Fix

September Stitch Fix

Happy September All!!!!!!!!!IMG_0561

Last month I was a bit disappointed with my Stitch Fix but was hopeful I would love the next…

which I did! Ahhh this fix was great and I kept all 5 pieces…which means a 25% discount

for my whole order. All 5 pieces were under $200. 


Going from Left to Right…

The picture doesn’t do this grey t-shirt justice but it’s the type of top that I just love.

One it is a dark gray color, the top is longer and the fabric is a bit different and structured. I can’t wait 

to wear this piece.

The next navy blue top is super cute and flowly…check out how the stylist paired it.

Next the pants….okay these pants are truly amazing and the second pair I now have

from this brand, Liverpool. They just fit so GOOD and the quality is amazing. 

I received a black pair about 5 or 6 months ago and they still feel brand new.

The next tops are both really cute and loose fitting which I love. 


Ready to sign up? Here is the link!


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