December Stitch Fix

December Stitch Fix

Happy December Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything….

Today’s post is all about my December Stitch Fix!

Have I mentioned how much I love Stitch Fix? 

As a working parent, wife and busy-bee it’s been a blessing. I love fashion and now 

I’m able to keep my clothing up-to-date with literally not having to go to a store!

Again – I kept all the pieces in my fix this month!

I’m pretty much obsessed with the plaid blanket scarf and the leather/cotton blazer.

The dress is adorable and both tops are just me!

Looking to sign up? Or gift Stitch Fix to your wife, sister, mother or friend?

Use my referral code right here!

Until next time ||

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Simple Things

Simple Things

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so the 

next week or so I will be posting many more! We are going a bit

back in time to well….Halloween for these Simple Things posts.

It was a COLD day but we had fun as a family going to the Cider Mill

Mac really liked the donkey 🙂 

We were minions for the work Halloween Party!

I’m always doing little projects around the house on the weekends. 

I’m lucky in that Mac will take one 3 hour nap during the day! I did a little refresh to the 

interior of our front door. 

Here is us on Halloween with our nephews and little man.

We have 1) Trump 2) Mickey Mouse and 3) Danny from Grease!

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November Stitch Fix

November Stitch Fix


My November fix came in and I couldn’t be happier! I’m loving all the pieces

I received and kept all 5. Ready for the details?


First…say Hi to Hank that is his paw showing there in the picture. Lets start from

left to right:

// black scallop blouse – this top has a double layer of scallops

and is so adorable. I can pair it with the blazer.

// sweater – You always needs a good sweater and a simple color of gray makes

it easy to pair it with just about everything. The sweater is loose fit and longer which I love.

// Just Black jeans – these are the second pair of pants I’ve received that are the brand of Just Black

They fit so GOOD and true to size. I was given a pair in petite and the length was perfect for my 5′ 1″ heights.

// blazer – I get to dress up for work and having a fun blazer is always great! 


// Tote – I had a similar bag pinned on my Pinterest board that my

stylist saw and sent me. This is adorable and I love it!8

a close up of the blazer!


and how they styled my pieces!

Ready to get your Stitch Fix on? #stitchfix 

here is my code!


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