Friday Eats!

Friday Eats!

Okay! If your not the biggest fan of cooking or think it’s too hard or 

too many ingredients then you should try out Minimalist Baker. Dana creates 

simple, delicious recipes that have 10 or less ingredients! You must give it a try!

Avocado Toast

Gluten Free Onion Rings

30 Minute Chocolate Donuts

Garlic & White Wine Pasta with Brussels Sprouts

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Fashion Tuesday: Spring Dresses

Fashion Tuesday: Spring Dresses

When I was a teenage I hated anything that had to do with dresses.

I did not like them NOT one bit. Once I started in the workforce and now being

in my 20’s I’ve really embraced dressing feminine and being comfortable in dress, skirts, heels, etc. 

I’ve been loving conservative style dresses that can be dressed up or down on the weekends. 

The three dresses in this post have a few things in common. 

They are all pastel in color and are all under $50.00

Mint Dress on sale right now for $34.99

Pink Dress for $46.99

Blue Dress for $23.49

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Simple Things

Simple Things

Happy First Day of Spring! May we be blessed with NO MORE

snow as we weren’t as lucky last week.

Does your dog lick the snow off your patio table? Our is perfect height for Hank.

As Macklin patiently waits for his fur brothers to come back inside 

from playing.

Here’s Mac and some of his buddies from day care on St. Paddy’s day. 

I actually was festive and got him a shirt….

Mac playing with his future girlfriends….as Makenna spits up and Olivia does

downward dog. 

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