Winter Blues: Style Board

Winter Blues: Style Board

I don’t know about you but February has been SO cold in Michigan. Although I can’t complain too much compared to last year’s winter, we’ve had are fair share of some major snow falls recently. I just want it to be a little bit warmer….like the 40’s at least with no wind chill? This weekend was just sooo cold…..okay done with my cold winter rant. 


Anyway, I’ve been in love with blues lately….maybe it’s all the baby stuff recently? Who knows! I’ve never been one to wear a lot of blue, I like my grays with punches of color here and there, but what can I say I’ve been drawn to it. Therefore, today’s clothing inspiration Winter Blues. I added some accessories for those of you who are enjoying mildly warmer weather than me.



Warm Weather: Necklace 1 // Necklace 2// clutch // nude heels // peach heels // dress

Cold Weather: Black Blazer // Red Necklace // Blush Blazer // Red Belt // Boot 1 // Boot 2 // clutch // dress



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