The Office: Wall Shelving

About 2 weeks ago I shared an update with you on my office remodel project. This week I will be showing another small update. This week I will be sharing some wall shelves that we added to the space. I styled the wall shelves with items that we already own but I’m still playing around with it. I want it to be functional yet stylish.
Let’s first start with a recap of my office inspiration board (pictured below) and links to other posts that show the progress of this project:
Let’s take a look at that checklist:
I have an idea for my roller shades, it’s just a matter of me sitting down and actually doing it! I’ve noticed that just about all my weekends in the month of December have something going on! It’s really going to be a busy month. I started the process of organizing bills and important papers but I’m really hoping praying that I get the Neat Desktop Scanner for Christmas which will help complete this project! I’ve had my eye on that scanner for years!
Well let’s move on to the wall shelves! My In-laws were so sweet by coming over one weekend and helping put this system up. I purchased these shelves and the brackets at Ikea. Well let’s take a look shall we?
I would have loved to have the shelves above my desk like in the inspiration picture but my desk wouldn’t have worked, I have a small hutch on top of my desk and it would have been too much. I have plans for some fun storage/display underneath the shelves too. This is small progress but it’s keeping me on track with completing this entire room without starting a new project at the same time!

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