The Office: Roller Shade Update

The office is still slowly coming together and I’m pretty pleased that I’m sticking with my checklist. I sometimes get a bit too excited and start other projects! I’m really trying hard not to and this blog is helping me along the way.
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Let’s see how that check list is coming along:
The office has two windows on separate walls. One facing my neighbors home (brick wall) and the other the backyard. The windows are located higher up on the wall and are medium in size. The previous owners left standard boring vinyl roller shades on each window. I didn’t want to have any curtains or draperies in this space at the moment so I wanted to do something quick and simple that added some interest in the space. I figured I could just paint the vinyl shades or add something to it. If you follow me on Pinterest (button on left sidebar) you will see that I have a board just dedicated to monograms. I love monograms. I think I would monogram just about anything and everything, if I could. I decided I would monogram the vinyl roller shades. I don’t plan to keep the shades forever so why not!
This project cost me ZERO dollars, just some time and effort. I used a large black sharpie marker that I already had.
First, let’s take a look at one of these windows. Isn’t that brick wall just so lovely to look at? This shade is pretty much down 100% of the time.
I took the roller shade down and measured the shade to find the center. I then hand traced my monogram. At first I tried messing around with creating something on the computer but I don’t have huge paper to print on so I just free handed it. I then just filled it in with a black sharpie. It was actually kind of fun, like coloring.
So let’s see how it looks hanging up now:
It looks a little bit bare to me now but with the combination of the crazy chevron walls and the soon to be amazing upholstered valance above the window I think it was all tie together. The windows are on both chevron painted walls so I’m leaning towards a solid fabric, perhaps with a unique texture. I don’t think I’ll be introducing another pattern unless something catches my eye.

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