The Office: Painted Ceiling and Accent Wall

Last week I shared with you the chevron painted walls in the office. You can read about my original post of this office remodel here. I’ve been real busy the last week and was able to mark off two more items off the check list! First let’s start off with my inspiration board to see how I’ve come along in this project:
And here is an updated checklist:
I first started off by painting my accent wall in blue. The accent wall is the same wall that my desk is on and is the wall I’m looking at as I’m writing this post. I have to say I’m loving this blue color which is Sherwin Williams Capri. It’s a nice contrast to those amazing chevron stripes in gray.
Well you ready to see it?
When I first started painting I never thought about painting the ceiling. It was just the standard white ceiling, nothing special about it. I don’t know why it occurred to me to paint the ceiling but I decided to do it, why not? Something fun right? I realized when I was looking in the room that we have such beautiful crown molding in this space and I wanted it to get noticed. I was able to achieve this by painting the ceiling a shimmering gray. When the blue wall was nice and dry I tackled painting the ceiling the following day. I forgot how much I hate painting ceilings! My neck was sore and I hate that some paint splatters on you too. What was even worse, I couldn’t get this job done in one coat, it required two coats! I will admit the second coat wasn’t that bad and I just ADORE the ceiling. In the natural light you can just see how it shimmers, it’s perfect!
This was after the first coat….as you can see it definitely needed a second! I painted the second coat the following evening. Stay tuned for my next post as I let you know how I used the same tray and paint roller without cleaning it and used it again 24 hours later.
And here is the final product! Such a nice contrast with the gray chevron stripes and bold blue accent wall. Now that the walls are finally painted and touch-ups are on their way I can finally hang up our wall shelves!!! Stayed tuned for more updates and more items marked off this check list!

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