The First Weeks: Favorite Products

The First Weeks: Favorite Products

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog but I’m hoping to get back into it. Being a first time Mom is taking up a lot of time but I’m starting to get my groove back as far as getting lots of things done but still spending time taking care of my little man. I can’t believe that it’s already June which means my maternity leave is over at the end of the month. Macklin is almost 2 months old! I can’t believe it! I’m sure there are tons of lists and articles to read as far as what baby products to get and which are the best.

Here are some of my favorite products we used the first 4 weeks:


1. Aden by Aden, Muslin Swaddle Plus (click here): These cloths are AMAZING! Not only are they so adorable and come in many prints and colors the muslin is super soft as well. The blankets are very large so there are a number of different uses for them. Although the material isn’t super thick they still keep your little baby nice and warm. During the first few weeks we have using these as swaddling blankets. However, I use them to put over the car seat, on the floor for tummy time and most recently folding them up to prop the bottle up so I don’t have to hold the bottle. I just love these blankets!


2. HoMedics; Sound Spa on the Go (click here): We used this thing a lot the first few weeks, so much that we already had to replace the batteries. The on the go Sound Spa is only $9.99 and it’s great! When I was pregnant I would play the sounds close to my belly because I wanted the baby to be familiar with the sounds. We would often play the ocean sounds and Macklin would just fall right asleep. It was especially helpful when he was a bit more fussy. Not only is the Sound Spa very affordable it is super small and you really can take it where ever you go. We haven’t used it as much lately but I still really like it. 


3. Ubbi Diaper Pail in Grey (click here): I love this diaper pail! Although it is a little bit more on the high end side ($79.99) I believe it is worth it. This diaper pail is made of steel, not plastic so it does not absorb the nasty smells. The lid is extremely tight and you can’t smell anything gross as long as the lid is closed. Also, you don’t have to purchase the diaper pail bag refills like the Diaper Genie for example. You can just use your regular kitchen garbage bags, which also helps save on money. This diaper pail also comes in many different colors and they also sell decals to add a little something extra to the outside of the pail. 


4. Fisher-Price, Rock-N-Play (click here): I knew I was going to use this A LOT and we sure have. Macklin did not sleep in his crib the first month because one I was afraid too,  he seemed to tiny for such a big crib. What I love about the Rock-N-Play is that it is light weight which makes it really easy to bring from room to room and Macklin is super comfortable in it. I felt that he was safe and snug in the Rock-N-Play. During the first 4 weeks we would have the Rock-N-Play next to our bed and we could easily rock it ourselves or use the vibrating function as well. At almost 2 months old Macklin is getting a bit too big for the Rock-N-Play (his little feet are starting to hang over). We used the Rock-N-Play as a bassinet rather than also getting a bassinet. 


5. Safety 1st Custom Care Modular Bath Center (click here): Hmm…now this is one product that I have a love hate relationship with. One of the reasons we registered for this particular bath is because it was modular for both a newborn and infant baby. The blue/green insert is to be used in the middle as shown above for infants. For one, it doesn’t stay clicked in place once you have water in the bath and the surface is slippery. Our little dude slides a bit so bath time requires both Mom and Dad present. Now that Macklin is a bit larger he doesn’t slide as much but the insert still does move a bit when water is in the bath. I know that once we use the insert on the end or remove it completely the bath will be just fine. When we have another child I’m not sure if I will want to use this bath again when they are  newborn. 




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