The Big "TO DO" List: Part Two

It’s time for Part Two of our Big “TO DO” list. If you missed the first part, don’t worry you can catch up here.
I’ll start off with the floor plans of the home again for easy navigation:
You can read a little bit about this room here and here’s a finished view of this room:
To do list:
  • Replace entry door to left
  • Find and refurbish a small dresser to be placed in room
  • re-upholster chairs
  • re-upholster couch
  • move buffet in Sunroom
  • pain walls/trim
  • install curtain rod
  • sew/install floor length curtains 
Main Bathroom:

To do list:

  • paint over the horrible sponge paint job (pictured above) crisp white walls pictured below
  • remove/replace towel bar
  • Eventually gut the entire bathroom and start from scratch.
The Office:
You can read about my office inspiration here. Don’t forget to check out my updates to the office here, here,  here and here.
To do list:
  • purchase office furniture
  • paint walls
  • paint ceiling
  • stain wood floors to match the rest of the house
  • update the window coverings
  • install a window valance
  • install wall shelving
  • update the ceiling fixture, chandelier?
Linen Closet (not pictured)
To do list:
  • install more shelving
  • paint the inside
  • organize
Master Bedroom:
To do list:
  • stain hardwood floors to match rest of hardwoods
  • paint walls (started to think about possibly re-painting??)
  • install draperies
  • make a headboard
  • add art to the walls
Spare Bedroom:
You can read more about this room and see before pictures here.
To do list:
  • replace blinds
  • remove wallpaper
  • paint walls
  • add a feature wall (stencil)?
  • stain hardwood floors to match rest of house

To do list:

  • paint doors and moldings
  • paint horizontal stripes on wall
  • add wedding photos
Well that pretty much sums up our “TO DO” list for the main level and exterior of our home. Are you ready for the basement “TO DO” list?? Stay tuned….

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