The Big "TO DO" List: Part Three

Part Three of my Big “TO DO” list will be my final part. If you missed parts one and two, don’t worry you can catch them right  here and here. Part Three is solely all about the basement. We are fortunate in the fact that finishing the walls (drywall, etc.) is not on our “to do” list as we were lucky to have a finished basement. The basement is used as a ‘man’ cave for the husband, exercise area, storage, secondary bathroom and laundry area.
‘Man Cave’ area:
To do list:
  • install bookcases from Ikea
  • buy an area rug
  • paint the walls
  • hang sports stuff on the walls
  • install wall shelves
Closet underneath the stairs
To do list:
  • paint the walls
  • add additional storage, possible shelves
  • Overall – use the space to it’s best ability
Second Bathroom

To do list:

  • paint beadboard
  • paint walls
  • add frames around mirror
  • possibly replace /update vanity
  • do something with the concrete floors (currently stained blue)
Storage Room
To do list:
  • paint cinder block walls with Drylock paint to help waterproof
  • add shelving units
  • add shelving units/organizers in mirrored closet
  • Add a craft corner with built-ins, possible a desk?
Laundry Room

To do list:
  • paint walls gray (not shown)
  • add more durable shelving on exterior wall
  • build a table/folding station in between the washer and dryer
This sums up are “TO DO” list for our home. We have only been here 1 year and I’m looking forward to the changes we have planned for our home. I’m wondering how many we can get done in 2014. Of course I will be sharing our progress with all of you.
What kind of 2014 home projects do you have planned?

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