The Big "TO DO" List: Part One

I’ve been putting this off I’ve been putting this off for a while and I’m ready to put it down on paper. The “TO DO” list; as in the wish big list for updates to the home. The husband and I bought our home in the summer of 2012 and didn’t move in until the end of the summer. I’m proud to say that we did accomplish a lot of things in 2013 but we have so many plans for this little house of ours.
Let me first start by saying how we got to this place. We started searching for a home in January 2012 in hopes of being able to have the keys in our hands by summer time, so that, depending on how the house is, we have time to do stuff to it before our September 2012 wedding. We searched homes in several different cities and probably looked at 30+ homes. When we stumbled upon ‘our’ home we both said ‘WOW’ as we walked in the door. We knew right then that we wanted to start our lives together in this little house. The house defiantly met our ‘must haves’, which were:
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • basement
  • newer roof, windows, hot water tank, furnace
  • not completely falling apart
  • charm
We got lucky in that our home was not only in our price range but on the lower end of our price range which is always a plus no matter what your budget is. We were also lucky enough to have a newer roof, windows and major appliances like the hot water tank (2 months old) and furnace (5 years old). One things we both agreed on was that we didn’t want to have to replace these major components right off the bat. Our home has gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the main level and a fairly newly remodeled kitchen (not my exact taste) and an old school looking main bathroom that works perfectly well. The owners prior to the people we purchased the home from did a TON of updates such as waterproofing the entire basement, finishing the basement, new windows, an addition (sunroom) and a newly remodeled kitchen. I would say we were pretty lucky for 23/24 year old’s just starting out.
We have completed a few little things here and there to our home and I’m really excited to do more in 2014. After living in our home for a whole year and surviving our first year of marriage I have a better sense of how our home works for us and what we would like to accomplish in our home.
Here is a little floor plan of our house for you so it’s easy to navigate:

Let’s get started:
Front of House:
I couldn’t even find a picture on my computer, camera or phones of just the front of the house. Do you believe that? I ended up getting this gem off of the real estate listing. I did block out our house numbers from you all. So this is our little house that we love so dearly. And the list of to do’s:
  • remove ivy from front left of house and clean up landscaping beds.
  • remove bush and other plantings on the front right, grow grass here.
Let me start by saying that we found our home in the dead of winter and didn’t know what it would look like come Spring/Summer. We were SHOCKED by what our house looked like when we got the keys. Needless to say, the homeowner did not have a green thumb or the time to call a landscaper to clean up! We spent the first 72 hours just cutting the grass (or weed grass) and ripping out weeds galore and just cleaning the place up. If you don’t believe me check out this picture of the front left landscaping bed:
The back of the house was even worse. Believe it or not but there was a pond back there:
To do list:
  • replace wooden fence and gate
  • re-route gutters/replace
  • fill in the pond with dirt (more room for the dogs) and level the area
  • remove overgrown landscaping
  • plant new landscaping
  • install new sod
Living Room/Front Entrance:
To do list:
  • install new ceiling light fixture by front door
  • paint inside of coat closet
  • remove window valance
  • re-cover window seat cushion
  • install TV above fireplace
  • paint brass/gold fireplace cover
  • get new furniture
  • add wall art
  • paint walls
Dining Room:
To do list:
  • replace ceiling fixture  (new fixture not shown)
  • paint walls
  • add knobs to the front doors
  • install floor to ceiling cabinets on right wall and build bench for seating
You can read about our kitchen ideas here and see some mini updates here, here and here.
To do list:
  • replace dishwasher (leaks)
  • replace counter tops
  • replace back splash
  • replace sink
  • paint walls
  • paint cabinets
  • remove upper glass door cabinets and replace with open shelving
Well I think I will top here for our “TO DO” list as this is getting pretty long and I’m pretty sure you may have stopped enjoyed reading this masterpiece of mine.
Stayed tuned for my Part Two of this ongoing list.

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