February Stitch Fix #1

February Stitch Fix #1

Happy February Everyone! Anyone in a cold State…sending you blessing for a short winter!

This month is more exciting because I scheduled 2 fixes this month.

I kept all 5 pieces again and couldn’t be more happy with the fix. Everything is very

much winter with deep dark colors and warmer fabrics. 

these pants are both by Kut from Cloth and they fit like a glove. They

are petite in length which is perfect for my short 5′ 1″ frame and they stretch!

I’m pretty much obsessed with this jacket which is black and navy. I love the detail that

the zipper isn’t centered and it’s just a great modern but classic jacket.

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January Stitch Fix

January Stitch Fix

Have you ever had a blanket that was just so warm and comfortable that you wish it was a sweater

so that you could actually wear it in public?

Well….I got one of those sweaters in my box…it’s the one pictured above. Is it crazy that I want leggings

to be made with this material too and just where everything?

I kept everything again in my box this month…I think I talked too much about the sweater

but I really do like everything else. The blazer is comfortable and fits amazing. The gray top and the striped one

is something I can wear to work or dress it down for the weekend.

The plaid ankle length work pants are going to be perfect for this winter!

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December Stitch Fix

December Stitch Fix

Happy December Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything….

Today’s post is all about my December Stitch Fix!

Have I mentioned how much I love Stitch Fix? 

As a working parent, wife and busy-bee it’s been a blessing. I love fashion and now 

I’m able to keep my clothing up-to-date with literally not having to go to a store!

Again – I kept all the pieces in my fix this month!

I’m pretty much obsessed with the plaid blanket scarf and the leather/cotton blazer.

The dress is adorable and both tops are just me!

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Until next time ||

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