Simple Things

Simple Things

I love the above picture of my little guy…and it was taken over a year ago now. He just 

got all his hair cut off again and he is talking way more now and he doesn’t have the

‘baby’ look anymore…

Dave with Macklin & Dean

Dean and Macklin in a big ole’ tracker wheel 

Dean LOVES Hank and Hank LOVES Dean back.

Hank was waiting very very patiently to see if Macklin would give him some food….and say goodbye to those curls because

they are GONE now. I’m still getting used to his grown up hair cut. 

I think we have had a water gun fight 5 times in the past 3 days….

These are my newest weekend shoes…Steve Madden

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Simple Things

Simple Things

Happy Tuesday! Even though today feels like a Monday. I’m completely refreshed from

having a 3 day weekend. We cleaned a lot, pulled weeds, David went turkey hunting and overall

we just spent a lot of time as a family. 

This kid was TIRED from his play date with Aria on Saturday 

Who knew that your leg was the perfect table for hot wheels?

While Macklin was napping these two also decided it was nap time…on me of course!

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Simple Things

Simple Things

I’ve been waiting to capture this type of picture. Dave has one just like this from when 

he was about Macklin’s age. It was so precious watching Macklin laugh and smile

thinking he was cutting the grass. It’s really just the smallest most simple things in 

life that give you the biggest joy and make your heart full. 

oh and this lawn mower blows bubbles which is just cool!

I made a funfetti cheesecake….it was good. Let’s just leave it at that.

You’ll find out more about this top when you see my next Stitch Fix post….

but I swear there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not wearing something from Stitch Fix.

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