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Simple Things

Simple Things

So I have a 2 year old….

How did that even happen? I feel like I was just pregnant with

Macklin…but he is TWO!

He laughs, runs, plays, talks ALOT and he is just pure heaven.

he managed just to get the frosting on his lips. Colored lipstick is in style right?

This kid has his birthday just a day after his Aunt Kristen’s 

so we get to celebrate together!


Happy Easter All! This is the best picture we could get!


this is how we eat dinner now…any parents relate?

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Macklin’s First Birthday

Macklin’s First Birthday

A little late on this but hey – what can I say?

Here are some pictures of Macklin’s first birthday party

I  had a blue theme and pretty much

kept things more on the simple side.

We had a great time, especially Macklin…..


Thank you again everyone who shared this day with us.

IMG_3078 IMG_3080 IMG_3082 IMG_3089 IMG_3095 IMG_3108 IMG_3111 IMG_3117 IMG_3152 13096307_10100774462722941_1629593382924300884_n IMG_3171 IMG_3168


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Macklin’s 1 Year Photos

Macklin’s 1 Year Photos

If we are friends on Facebook or if you follow me on Instagram

you probably have seen a few photos from Macklin’s 12 month photo session

with the talented Candice Lamarand. Candice did our maternity photo’s

and Macklin’s newborn photos.

Please check her out at https://www.facebook.com/LamarandStyle 


Please do not crop or alter these photos in anyway

macklin1yr-4844 macklin1yr-4841 (1) macklin1yr-4878 macklin1yr-5051 macklin1yr-5015 (1) macklin1yr-5001 macklin1yr-4943 macklin1yr-4906 (1) macklin1yr-5138 (1) macklin1yr-5089 (1) macklin1yr-5166 (1) macklin1yr-5187 macklin1yr-5184 macklin1yr-5203 (1)


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