Organized Nursery Dresser

Organized Nursery Dresser


Macklin turned 2 months old yesterday and I can’t believe it. Time is surely flying by and pretty soon I will have to go back to work. Keeping up with the housework and other things have surprising been pretty easy, then again I’m home all day, we shall see what happens when I go back to work. We decided on the Ikea dresser shown above to be our main piece of furniture in the nursery. I didn’t want an actual changing table rather something that would grow as Macklin grew. I love that we have so many drawers and the surface is super easy to wipe down as well. One of my favorite things about this dresser is the drawer pulls which are numbered. I love them because one they are super cute and they are a great blue color for our little man. However, they serve two main purposes besides looking cute. The first being that they can be educationally for Macklin as he gets older, learning his numbers and we can organize  his things based on a drawer number so he knows where to find something. I can already foresee in our future….”Mom, wear are my socks?!”……”drawer #2″. They are actually serving as that purpose right now, mostly for my husband and family members if they are helping out. If they need to get something for Macklin and it’s in the dresser I can easily point them to the correct drawer. 

IMG_2634 IMG_2635


It’s been 2 months since I first organized the dresser and I just guessed where I would place items, not knowing if it would work for us. I pleased to say that it really is working out for us. So what’s in these drawers?

#1: DIAPERS – enough side 

#2: Grooming and Health items, brushes, nail slippers, medicines, etc. 

#3: Socks, mittens, hats

#4: BIBS



#5 & 6: Onesies (in current size), sleepers, swaddlers and trash bags for diaper pail.

# 7 & 8: burps cloths and all bath time towels

The last bottom drawers hold extra supplies for now like wipes and thicker blankets that we aren’t using just yet. These photos were taken about 3 months ago and the only changes is that instead of size 1 diapers in drawer #1 we have size 2’s. If I were too take a picture today they would look the same. 

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Simply the Sims: Nursery Details

Simply the Sims: Nursery Details

Yesterday, I was able to share with you our big Nursery Reveal. If you missed it you can catch it by clicking here. Today’s post will be about the little details of the nursery as well we links of where you can purchase some of the items that are in this room. I’m warning you now, this post is picture heavy. Please let me know if you have any questions!


IMG_2604 IMG_2603b



Crib Bedding // 

Mobile // 

Elephant Head // By Three Hands via Amazon (currently out of stock)

One thing amazing about our crib is that it has two drawers on the bottom. I’m currently storing extra wipes and crib sheets in the drawers, as shown below. I did layer our crib sheets/waterproof mattress pad on the mattress to save the husband and I time in the middle of the night, should Baby S have an accident in the middle of the night.


 IMG_2638 IMG_2614 IMG_2613

Rocker //

Metal Cart // Purchased via Meijer ( 

I’m using the metal cart as my ‘go to’ place. I plan on using it in the nursery as well as rolling it with me in other rooms of my home where baby and I are. On the top of the cart I have the blue basket (via Target) filled with some diapers, wipes, burp clothes, receiving blanket and diaper rash cream. I also have a mini clock on the top of the cart so I can make notes of when I’m changing diapers and doing feedings. On the second shelf I have pacifiers and little toys. The bottom shelf contains some disinfectant wipes and a travel changing pad. 




Bookcase // (in ebony)


IMG_2624 IMG_2620

Dresser // in white from Ikea

Door pulls // discontinued from Pottery Barn Kids. Originally in red but we painted them blue. You may be able to find them from eBay like me.

Mirror // old from Home Goods

Frames // Target

Vinyl Decal // Target

Orange Basket // 

Blue Octopus Lamp // BuyBuyBaby (it puts stars on the ceiling)

Black Shade Lamp // old from Ikea

Do you want to see the inside of our dresser doors? I organized them the best way that I could. I’m sure once Baby S comes we will need to re-organize them again to fit our needs. A plus about the numbered drawers? If the husband or someone else needs to grab something for you and you know what drawer it is just yell out the Number! Bibs in drawer number 4!

IMG_2634 IMG_2635 IMG_2636 IMG_2637


Throw Blanket // via

Ottoman Pouf // DIY by yours truly 

Rug // via Joss & Main



Thank you for stopping by, I hope you liked our nursery. I’m finding that it is already calming in there which is exactly what I was going for. I would have designed the room pretty much the exact same way if we were having a girl. I would simply switch out all the blue accents for yellows and blush/coral.

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Simply the Sims: Nursery Reveal

Well today is the day! It’s time for the Simply the Sims: Nursery Reveal. 

I’ll just be posting the overall photos today but come back tomorrow for close up’s and sources for some of the products shown in the nursery.

BabyRoom 2








And I had to sneak in a picture of Hank laying in his little brothers room…



We are patiently waiting for Baby Sims to make his appearance in the world. 

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