Fashion Tuesday – Yellow

Fashion Tuesday – Yellow

I don’t typically wear bright colors in the fall/winter time. I like to reserve

really bold bright pieces for the Spring/Summer. What better way to get ready 

for this Spring with some bright yellow? I’m loving this look.

skirt (I WANT)



bell sleeves

This dress from L & L blog is just too adorable!


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Fashion Tuesday – Stripes

Fashion Tuesday – Stripes

I’ve always have been a fan of stripes for clothing. They will work on you if 

you choose the correct stripe (horizontal or vertical) the right size and fit. 

I like wearing stripes to camouflage my waist – it’s a great trick.

With Spring around the corner – I’ve selected some of my favorite stripe pieces!

pink skirt $170

white skirt $48

blue skirt $47

t-shirt $9

dress $234

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March Stitch Fix

March Stitch Fix

Hello March! This year is going by too fast already. 

You will notice a theme with this fix – and that is…they are all dresses!

I needed new dresses to wear to church and I asked my stylist just that. She delivered!

Once again, I kept all 5 pieces.

The black dress is more dressy however the fabric is light and comfortable

The grey dress is my fave! There is an exposed zipper in the front and is very nice on the eyes!

Now these three were a bit different! We have plaid and flowers going on.

The plaid dress is adorable with tights and brown boots.

I wasn’t so sure about the blue wrap dress just because I’m not a fan of wrap dresses. I 

wore the dress this past Sunday to church and it was so comfortable and stylish.

I also wasn’t so sure about that red number – I almost wanted to not try it on.

I love the fit and the pattern on the fabric actually isn’t so bad!

It’s a win!

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