August Stitch Fix

August Stitch Fix

My stitch fix this month was full of surprises – I didn’t really anything 

for anything specific from my stylist so this is ALL her. 

At first, I wasn’t quite sure about these skirts but then I tried them on and 

quickly changed my mind. I’ve already figured out how to style them

to wear them this upcoming Fall. 

i love both of these shorts. I knew I’d love the jeans but was wary about the black shorts.

they are like a linen fabric but STRETCHY. All you mom’s out there know how we love

our stretch. I’ve worn the black shorts now several times and they even have pockets. 

this pretty blazer is a great mix of color, it’s not super red or very orange. 

Maybe berry? Either way I love it. 

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July Stitch Fix

July Stitch Fix

If you follow me on IG you would have seen this picture a week or so ago. 

I asked my stylist for a cute raincoat with a hood and she delivered. 

Ready to see what is in my fix for July (I should have posted this like 2 weeks ago)

I received some pretty blouses which I kept. All are great for work and church.

here’s another of the jacket…you can see that there is a grey and white 

stripe on the inside.

These pants are super cute and comfy from Cloth By KUT.

Ready to try stitch fix yet?

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Fashion Tuesday: Spring Dresses

Fashion Tuesday: Spring Dresses

When I was a teenage I hated anything that had to do with dresses.

I did not like them NOT one bit. Once I started in the workforce and now being

in my 20’s I’ve really embraced dressing feminine and being comfortable in dress, skirts, heels, etc. 

I’ve been loving conservative style dresses that can be dressed up or down on the weekends. 

The three dresses in this post have a few things in common. 

They are all pastel in color and are all under $50.00

Mint Dress on sale right now for $34.99

Pink Dress for $46.99

Blue Dress for $23.49

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