Spring Cleaning: The Pantry

Spring Cleaning: The Pantry

I love when I get in the cleaning and organization mood. Don’t you?? Usually when I get in these moods I go at it full force and generally don’t stop. I was like that this past weekend. I was putting something in the pantry and then I stopped and looked, it was a complete mess. Every few months I generally take everything out of the pantry and just re-organize and straighten everything up. Well, it was time do that again. Since it’s Spring I think it counts as Spring Cleaning too. 



I cleaned and organized the pantry at ZERO COST and in less than 15 minutes. I think everyone has time for an extra 15 minutes?? Right? Let’s see what this mess looked like before:




My pantry is really deep and really big which is great for storage but if things start to get messy, well you can loose stuff in there. The first thing I did was take everything out of the pantry. I also took the time to organize everything by categories and at the same time getting rid of anything that had expired. 



The next step was to clean the pantry using my homemade cleaner for a fresh start and then by putting everything back into the pantry. 

IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1851

 I can actually see what I have now and I was able to find my extra bottle of lime juice that I was looking for earlier in the week! Now it looks like I have plenty more room for groceries!



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