Simply the Sims: Baby Shower

Simply the Sims: Baby Shower

A few weeks ago we had our baby shower for Baby Sims to bee. It was a cold February Sunday but it was a relaxing day. It was great seeing friends and family celebrate our future babee to bee. I actually started thinking about themes and so forth for the baby shower quite early on, before we knew the gender of the baby. As soon as I saw honey bee’s I was hooked and I went with it. We kept things simple and fun. We had onesie and bib decorating, guessing how many honeycombs were in a jar and of course my favorite which was guessing how big my belly was. It was quite funny how long some strings were guessing my belly. Don’t worry ladies I did not take offense. 

Baby Shower2

We had lots of food and a great cookie and cupcake table. One of my dearest friends made the cupcakes and I must say they were simply AMAZING. Of course we had plenty left over and I did indulge in more cupcakes a few days after the shower. My co-workers also got to eat some left over cookies because as always we order too much. 

What did we do on our own? Our favors were little honey bears filled with honey (which we hand filled) and we made thank you tags that we attached to the bears along with blueberry flavored honey sticks. Blueberry honey……let’s just say it’s my new best friend. We also made the centerpieces which consisted of luxurious towels and honey lotions, bath and soaps. We also made cards for each guest to fill out, titled Wishes for Babee Sims. It was very heartwarming reading all of the wishes for the baby. 

Here are some pictures from our special day for our little bumble bee.. 

Baby Shower Instagram IMG_2362b IMG_2363b IMG_2364b IMG_2365b IMG_2366b IMG_2367b IMG_2368b IMG_2372b IMG_2374b IMG_2375b IMG_2384b

And I guess we should have one of the parents to bee right?



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  1. Brandi Lane says:

    Lauren, thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!! I had so much fun making the cupcakes!

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