Simple Things

Simple Things

Something strange happened last week….

It was Michigan, in February and it was 60 degrees and sunny

How does that even happen? It didn’t just happen once, but the majority of the week.

Who knew what a little bit of sunshine could do for someone in the winter. 

I feel energized and ready for Spring.

This kid got to play outside at daycare because it was so nice out. It’s crazy but a year ago

he was still in the baby swing and now he is almost 2. How does this happen?

It’s been amazing watching these two little guys grow older with each other. They had a 

blast sitting next to each other on the recliner…it’s the simple things.

I also received my Consultant Order for my R+F products which is always an

exciting day….it means I get to send out some free products to my favorite customers!


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