Simple Things

Simple Things

Hello All! 

Last week was a crazy busy….I was travelling for work for a few days

which totally left my normal day to day routine just out of whack.

I was in Connecticut for work which was actually really nice as I’ve

never been before and I ate SO much food. Has anyone ever had goat cheese cakes?

If you haven’t….and you like goat cheese, it’s a must.


my flight going home at LGA was delayed so I got to have some beer

and these most amazing herb fries…but what made them more amazing

was that sauce you see in the picture. I have no idea what it was but

it had garlic in it and was just amazing.IMG_0325

I’ve never been to NYC either but I got a little glimpse of it when driving

to the airport….another time right?IMG_0338

A simple thing’s post wouldn’t be the same without something of Macklin, right?

I missed this kid….IMG_0320

But knowing he was excited seeing me via ‘Face-time’ was

amazing. I love my men at home, dogs included.



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