Same Top 5 Ways

Same Top 5 Ways

I don’t know about you, ┬ábut I’m not the type to wear one clothing item once and then be done with it. I like to try to mix the same piece of clothing as many possible ways as I can. I try to get creative with it. When I am shopping for new pieces I do make sure that I can wear that particular item several different ways. Hey! I want to get my moneys worth! Don’t you? Ask yourself or try to visualize what other items you have in your wardrobe that you could mix and match. Can the piece be casual, dressy, work wear, etc…


If you click on the image above it will take you to my Polyvore page where you can see the details of each piece. I can honestly say that I would wear all FIVE outfits above. Who new you could pair a sleeveless shirt with a fancy skirt or a blazer and have it be appropriate for work?




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