Saddle Bags

Saddle Bags

As a mom I thought I would have a huge purse with me always

because I would just have SO much extra stuff…I would NEED to have that big bag.

That is one thing I was so very wrong about!

The past (almost 2 years) I’ve literally had smaller bags. I find large purses to

be very annoying. What I do rely on now is smaller purses that I 

can wear across my body. Now that is a #mombag!

Here are some of my favorites!

Even if I had an endless budget I would still go for the low end. I would feel 

so so bad if something happened to something I spent $$$$ on!

1.  $29 2. $34 3. $29 4. $32 

My favorite from the low end is #1 – so simple, classic and chic

1. $105 2. $275 3. $240 4. $165

Of course my favorite at the high end if the most expensive choice here – #2 at $275.00

What is your favorite?


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