Preparing for your Maternity Shoot

So you’re getting ready for your maternity photos? Are you ready? If you read my post about choosing a maternity photographer you should be on your way to an amazing photography session.

So you have the photographer booked, date set, location set….what’s next?? Ahhhhh….what are you going to wear? Are you doing your own hair and make-up, what’s your hubby going to wear? Is the weather going to corporate with you (if your shooting outside), did you supply your photographer with photos that you like?

Here are a few things to think about when preparing for your maternity shoot:

It’s helpful to create a small Pinterest board with different types of photos you would like your photographer to capture during your session. Perhaps there is a key pose that you just love and want your photographer to capture. Now when I say SMALL I mean small Pinterest board with picture ideas. You don’t need to have 10 pictures of basically the same pose pinned. Your photographer will get it. I suggest a small number of about 20 photos max. You can view my board here (it also has newborn photos too). By doing this it will give your photographer a better understanding of what you want to capture.

Confirm with your photographer a week prior to your scheduled photo shoot to confirm the location and time. If you are shooting outside take a look at the weather forecast. If it’s looking gloom, start talking about possible rain dates.

Clothing options for the ladies. My suggestion for clothing for the maternity shoot is something that you are comfortable wearing. I know that my fashion choices are limited as I didn’t purchase an entire new wardrobe and I did not purchase items specific to my maternity shoot either. Instead since I’m doing a photo session at home, I’ve decided to sit with items I already have and I’m going for a more relaxed and casual approach. If you are having a hard time piecing together an outfit talk to your photographer, they have great eyes and will know what looks best on film. Don’t stress about it, be yourself, keep it simple and don’t go spending $$$ on clothes that you won’t be wearing again.

If you are having your hair and make-up done, way to go momma! We are feeling pretty tired so it’s always nice to be pampered. If you have an appointment set up, just make sure to confirm and supply pictures to the stylist making you pretty for your photo session.

My photo session is this weekend and I have everything figured out so far. I’m doing my own hair and make-up, we have outfits picked out, my photographer knows some shots I want to get and everything is confirmed. I can’t wait to share my photos with you. 



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