My New Make-Up

My New Make-Up

I would say that I’ve been fairly luck in the skin department as far as the face goes. I missed the whole pimples all over your face during puberty and my later teen years with a few pimples here or there. The past 7+ years or so I’ve been making sure I regularly cleaning my face (daily), moisturizing, getting facials and keeping up with clean make-up brushes and so forth. Now that I’m 26 my skin on my face for the past few months has become really dry and get this…..I’m breaking out like crazy! I didn’t change my diet or anything and was still using the same cleaning products and make-up that I always have been using, so what gives?

I will be honest in that I was using a liquid fountain and concealer on a daily basis. I felt like I needed it, especially the concealer under my eyes. I have always had darker skin under my eyes and my eyelids. I figured I would just live with it, right? WRONG. Turns out I can actually treat the darker skin around my eyes….after talking to a few make-up guru’s I found out that I can actually treat the darker skin. I guess it’s blood that hangs around there under my skin that makes it darker. I’m very proud to say that after 5+ weeks my skin around my eyes is much lighter (barely using concealer now) and my overall skin is healthier and I feel great. So what’s my secret? Bare Minerals Make-Up!

I’ve heard of Bare Minerals and have known about them for years but I figured, how could I get great coverage with such little amount of make-up? Well I was finally sick of what was going on with my face so I started watching videos of Bare Minerals online and was intrigued. I talked to a few friends who use and LOVE Bare Minerals so I thought, why not? I made a trip to the local Bare Minerals store with….get this…ZERO make-up on my face. I explained to the girl helping me, Emillie, was her name what was going on and she took over an hour with me going through the products, explaining them and ultimately putting it on my face and showing me how to use their products. I  knew going in if I did purchase the make-up I would have additional costs because I would need their brushes, etc and so forth so I was prepared. 

I ended up getting a whole fountain kit, plus brushes and some other little things. I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite products I’ve been using the past 5+ weeks and why they are so AWESOME! (hint…hint…if you click on the product name it will take you to the page to purchase)


#1 The Renew and Hydrate Eye Cream for $32.00. This is the miracle eye cream that I’ve been using in the morning and at night. It is a small container but you don’t need a lot of product when you are applying so this little container is going to last you a long time. I’ve been using for 5 weeks (2x day) and I’ve barely put a dent in it. I’m skin feels more hydrated around my eyes and my skin is not as dark anymore. Score!


#2 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15 for $18.00 (in Barely Nude). This little gem is amazing. I use it all over my eyelid. It acts as a brightener, primer and eyeshadow in one. I will use this and sometimes add a little eye liner or even my regular eyeshadow or I’ll just leave it with just this. It’s goes on smoothly and looks just amazing. I love this little tube of heaven. 


#3 Stroke of Light Eye Brightener for $22.00 (in Luminous 2). This small stick of bright cream is great. I apply it in a triangle underneath my eyes and my upper cheeks. You don’t need a lot as a little goes a long way. It just brightens up my entire face. I’ve really enjoyed using this product. 

This sums up my 3 favorite things from Bare Minerals to date. I’m sure I will have more to come. The fountain and overall products feel super light on my face but it still offers amazing coverage. My skin has cleared up because I’m not using as much product as I previously was and I’m really happy with my dark circles disappearing as well. Do you use Bare Minerals? What do you like about it? Is there a different brand of make-up that you swear by? Click on the orange comment bubble and let’s chat. 


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