Month 2 to 3: Favorite Products

Month 2 to 3: Favorite Products

My little man, Macklin is 3 months old tomorrow. Time sure is going by. My little (big guy) is already wearing 6 month size clothes and I don’t forsee him staying in these too much longer. He is a chuck.

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Not much has changed during this most recent month, I’m still using the majority of the products from month 1 to 2 but here are a few little extra’s we have been using that I really like as well. 


Leap Frog, My Pal Scout (click here). This was gifted to Macklin by my sister-in-law and each of her boys has one as well. You can personalize the ‘My Pal’ to say your child’s name, know their favorite food and colors. It’s has been a fun little interactive toy so far. 


Honest Soothing Bottom Wash (click here) is a great little spray for those sensitive baby bottoms. 


Honest Shampoo and Body Wash (click here) is great at bath time and has a wonderful smell as well. I have been able to find 17 oz. bottles at Costco from time to time on sale, I’ve stocked up on these. 


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