Mini Kitchen Update

Do you remember last week when I mentioned the kitchen clutter that was driving me crazy?? I decided to get a start of doing something to fix it. I love organizing things but I also like designing things too. I usually think about the design first in most cases, I think it drives the husband a bit crazy sometimes.  However, I’ve ordered some pretty great bins for the cabinet from one of my favorite stores, The Container Store. They should be arriving on my front porch any day now, I cannot wait. In the meantime I wanted to do something with the glass for those upper cabinets. As I mentioned in my kitchen ideas post a while back we have plans on updating the kitchen in 2014. Why not get a head start?
So I thought about ‘frosting’ the glass in the upper cabinets. I thought that it would give it a more modern look since the space is so traditional and it will help ‘hide’ some of the stuff in the cabinets. I looked online and thought about getting a film for the glass but didn’t really like anything that I saw. I did however find that you can frost your glass and other things with a spray can! I was so excited! You can find some frost class spray paint here and here. The process was quite easy, like with any project the prep work takes longer!
Here is a picture of the product I used:
Prep work? The first thing I did was cleaned the glass really well and taped off the surrounding area. I got a fan going and opened up the windows for ventilation. I also tape a big garbage bag over the opening of the cabinet to protect it as well. Looks nice, eh?
I just followed the directions on the can and it was very easy to do. It only took about 10 minutes to do all 4 cabinet doors. So do you want to see the final product? Well lets look at the before first….
And now…..
I have many more plans and ideas for this little area of the kitchen….more to come in the upcoming weeks of this little update.

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