Maternity Style: 101

I have to admit, even before getting pregnant I always thought pregnant women looked so cute and the clothes were just adorable. What I didn’t know was that it is so HARD to find some cute maternity clothes in the stores. It’s a bit frustrating but I’ve been getting creative. 

The first thing I did was invest in a belly band to wear to I could wear my regular pants for as long as possible. You can get them at any stores like Target, Motherhood Maternity or my favorite (if you don’t mind waiting) I didn’t wear the belly band for to long because honestly? I was super uncomfortable in pants – leggings and dresses have become my best friends. 

When I started to not be able to fit in my clothes anymore I honestly just didn’t want to look at them anymore. Luckily it was around the same time of year were I go through all my clothes and get rid of stuff and  bring up the winter season clothing. I was able to donate 2+ garbage bags of clothes! YAY! The rest of the clothes that I knew I wouldn’t be wearing went into storage. Out of sight out of Mind.

Luckily I already own loose fitting shirts and lots of cardigans/sweaters/blazers that I have been able to wear (even now in the third trimester). My basic wardrobe either consists of a stretchy sweater dress, cotton maternity dress or leggings with a loose fitting top. When I do wear maternity jeans I’m pairing them with a top, cardigan/sweater and big scarf. 

So what do I suggest if your newly pregnant?

  • Invest in a belly band to wear your current pants for as long as you can (as long as your comfortable). 
  • Do ask friends/family for any maternity clothes that you can borrow. Who would have thought maternity clothes were so expensive!?!
  • Do shop on eBay. I have found some great dress maternity pants for work and really cheap! Your not wearing these clothes for a long time so don’t waste money and purchasing real expensive clothes. If you’re not comfortable getting something pre-owned they have maternity items for cheap that are new with or without tags.
  • If you really want some cute trendy pieces, go on as they have TONS of maternity deals all the time and all really cute. I’ve invested in some trendy pieces because lets face it, your body is changing and you still want to feel good even though you might not be. 
  • Try to utilize your current wardrobe if possible. For me being mostly pregnant in the winter time I’m using my cardigans, blazers and scarfs (all non-maternity) and pairing them with maternity pants and loose fitting tops. If your pregnant in the summer time, hopefully your maxi skirts and dresses will stretch with your growing bump.
  • Try to invest in maternity pieces that you can wear after baby arrives. One of my favorite maternity brands is Blush Maternity ( Not only are the styles cute but they don’t look like typically maternity tops and I can easily wear many of the tops (and dresses) afterwards. 
  • ACCESSORIZE! Have fun with big earrings, scarfs, necklaces, purses, etc. 
  • Have fun showing off your bump (if your comfortable doing so) and enjoy this special time. 

Happy Bumping!


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