Make-up Brush: Clean up!

Make-up Brush: Clean up!

So ladies, how often to do you wear your make-up? Everyday? Or do you re-apply several times a day? How much product do you think is in your make-up brushes right now? If you don’t clean your brushes they could not only be filled with a TON of make-up but dirt and maybe even some bacteria as well. Think about it. Those things are pretty dirty. So with spring around the corner, let’s make sure we are giving our brushes a good cleaning! You should be cleaning your brushes a minimum of twice a month but if you are using a lot of make-up or one brush more than the others, you might want to consider giving it a weekly cleaning.


My make-up brush cleaner is not fancy and it costs me…..ZERO$$$ to make. I like to keep things ‘simple’. It works just as great as any brush shampoo’s you can buy. 

Shall we get started?

I first get a small glass and I add about a quarter size of antibacterial dish soap and about a quarter size of my hair shampoo and I mix it with warm water. THAT is all you need! 


Next take your brush and dip it in the water and twirl it around, you will start to see your make-up coming out. I like to take my fingers and squeeze the brush to get more of the nasty make-up residue out. I then run the brush under warm water until the water is clear and make-up free.


Are you ready to see how dirty this water is?


Anyone want some tea?? Just kidding…..this picture was taken after just cleaning one of my brushes. If you haven’t been cleaning your brushes I hope this picture makes you want to do it RIGHT NOW! 


After you wash all of your brushes just shape the brush hairs the correct way for your brush and allow them to dry on some paper towel. You will find that the first time you use your brush after you clean it your make-up applies so much butter and the brush feels so soft against your skin. Not to mention cleaning your brushes often will help with prolonging the use of the brush and the quality. 

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