Macklin’s 1 Year Photos

Macklin’s 1 Year Photos

If we are friends on Facebook or if you follow me on Instagram

you probably have seen a few photos from Macklin’s 12 month photo session

with the talented Candice Lamarand. Candice did our maternity photo’s

and Macklin’s newborn photos.

Please check her out at 


Please do not crop or alter these photos in anyway

macklin1yr-4844 macklin1yr-4841 (1) macklin1yr-4878 macklin1yr-5051 macklin1yr-5015 (1) macklin1yr-5001 macklin1yr-4943 macklin1yr-4906 (1) macklin1yr-5138 (1) macklin1yr-5089 (1) macklin1yr-5166 (1) macklin1yr-5187 macklin1yr-5184 macklin1yr-5203 (1)



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