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We bought our home in summer of 2012 just before our September 2012 wedding. A year later we are still settling in and figuring out where things go and what is the best functionality of things in our little 1325 sf ranch. David is a avid work out type of guy and our basement already has some work out stuff. We have a 2 car detached garage which currently holds a lawn mower and other miscellaneous lawn stuff, but no cars…that is what our long driveway is being used for. David really wants to insulate and drywall our garage and make it in a home gym sometime next year. I, on the other hand would love to update our kitchen. We got lucky, our kitchen was remodeled in the early 2000’s. It has great quality cabinets, granite countertops and travertine tile backsplash.  Being a designer, I know it’s great quality, just not our style. 

Project 2014: Finish garage….then kitchen updates! I would feel awful ripping out our cabinets therefore…..solution to update? Paint! We plan on painting our upper cabinets a crisp white and lowers a dark gray. We would like to replace the countertops with a gray stone, Quartz or Granite…whatever we find when we look. Also, a more modern backsplash tile. Our eating area is just outside of our kitchen area. For extra storage, I’m planing on adding floor to ceiling cabinets and bench along the long wall, eventually. 

Here is a picture of our kitchen currently:
Here is a photo collage of inspiration for our kitchen when we get going on updates in 2014: 
What do you think of the inspiration pieces? As we start moving along with the kitchen updates I will post pictures and any DIY projects we do along the way. 

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