Kitchen Clutter

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Saturday was a rainy cold day so I stayed in pretty much the whole day and got to spend quality time with my two favorite guys minus the husband (he was at work). 
Hank is on the left, Vinny is on the right

Okay so onto the real situation: Kitchen Clutter….I hate it but I’m afraid I have to admit that I have a bit of it. We have these two beautiful upper cabinets that have glass doors…that are well…just cluttered. I haven’t really taken the time to organize them or decide what purpose I want them for since we moved in. They are on the opposite side of the kitchen from everything else, so everyday dishes really don’t work well in these cabinets. I currently have a mix of items from cook books, cash, gum, dog’s heartworm pills to an array of other things. I had plans to display one of my china settings in this cabinet, but haven’t gotten around to it. 

So here is what it looks like now…..
Below these cabinets is a skinny counter…not very deep at all…too ashamed of posting a picture of it right now. This counter seems to be a dumping ground for keys, papers, mail and receipts. It also holds my beautiful orange kitchen aid mixer and our phone. 

Plan of action?

Organize, Organize and Organize!

I was thinking about frosting the glass cabinet doors. I don’t have enough ‘china’ or other fancy things to display in these cabinets so I do want to make good use of it. I think frosting the glass will  help me achieve this look because I don’t want everything to be on display. 

I will bring out one of my china settings and display it on the shelf, that I do know. Some of the other things, like gum and Tums can make it’s way out of these cabinets and into a drawer. I’ve decided the cook books can stay, I’ll just display them nicer. I do want to keep the dog’s heartworm pills and such, but not so much in the open. I do like the idea of keep various chargers in here as well, just not in the open. I thought some decorative boxes could do the trick to keep things in there place. I thought this set of bins or these would work nice. 

Well…I’m sure as I gather some organization tools I will be on my way to better looking upper cabinets…along with a solution to the dumping ground of a counter just below!
happy de-cluttering!! 

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