June Stitch Fix

June Stitch Fix


I so love #stitchfix, I wish I had the amazing idea of this service.

I was VERY pleased with this box and I kept 4 of the 5 items.

The only item I sent back was that awful blue dress…..the fabric and style 

of the dress was so not me, I didn’t even try it on.


here is a closer look….that green number is an elongated blazer, the a super cute white top

with a peep hole at the back of the next, followed by that super girly maxi dress…which by the way 

was the PERFECT length for my short height.

I love jeans…I would wear them every day if I could and these were no exception, along a 

little more on the pricey side but the quality and fit were just amazing. 


isn’t the zipper detail so cute?IMG_0266

here is how my pieces were styled…I can’t wait to get use from 

that blazer!

Ready to sign up for Stitch Fix? Here is the link!



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