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I’ve always been a fairly organized person and I take great pride in that attribute of mine. However, I’m not always 100% organized and when I’m not I get a bit frantic and need to fix it right away. The thing about organization is that it’s always changing and changing to fit your current needs. What may have worked previously may no longer be the case due to a number of different things. However, the process of organization typically stays the same. 

My process of organization is first determining what the problem is and brainstorming ideas and different ways to make the process better to fit my needs. It’s also important to remember that if you organize a drawer for instance you need to keep up with keeping it organized. Just because you clean something out doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. I think we can all agree with that, hence the junk drawer. When you are organizing a space try to think about how you are going to use the space and what will work best for you and your family in order to keep it organized…and always keep in mind when going through your things, don’t be afraid to trash items that need to be thrown away, donating items that you no longer use or selling them as well.

My organization project this week was jewelry organization. I few months back I bought the Alex cabinet from Ikea in black/brown. My sole reason for purchasing this six drawer cabinet was for it to hold all my jewelry and small wristlets and clutches. I knew there was a problem when my previous jewelry organization system just wasn’t working anymore. I found myself not putting things back and I would have jewelry all over the house. The main reason why this system wasn’t working anymore was because I had more jewelry. I acquired more jewelry thanks to Charming Charlies and many of my pieces, especially necklaces were too large for what I was using. 

I previously was using plastic storage bins that had dividers in them and they snapped closed. I had three of them and they were working pretty good for a few years. I will be re-purposing one of these bins to hold batteries. I haven’t figured out what to use the other two for, yet.

Many of my items like super big necklaces and bracelets ended up on top of my dresser. I purchased the Stacking Jewelry Tray System from The Container Store. I searched many different possibilities but this system was the winner in my book. They fit the drawers easily and if needed in the future, the containers are stackable. This system is designed to fit rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I like that it keeps pieces separate and the material is felt. I already know that I will need to be ordering more of these in a different style to hold my lovely bracelets and such, however, for now I’m much happier with the system. I found that when I get home from work the jewelry I wore that day is already being put back in it’s place!

As always,
happy organizing!!! 
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