Friday Eats

Friday Eats

Happy Friday and welcome to the month of OCTOBER! Do you believe it??

The husband and I went apple picking a week or so ago and we still have an abundance of apples even though I think I’ve had about 2 apples a day for the last week + so I went on a search for some amazing apples recipes to try. I wanted to find something that just wasn’t an apple pie or cinnamon baked apple slices which I’m used to making. So I landed on these three gems. 



Apple Brownies


Apple Turnovers



Cinnamon Apple Bread


I think I’m most excited about the cinnamon apple bread…how about you? comments welcomed and encouraged! Let’s chat!


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  1. Roberta Bowens says:

    Wow, all the recipes look Delish! I think I am going to try all 3 this month. The fall is my most favorite time to bake. Love your Blog!!

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