Favorite Product Spotlight

Favorite Product Spotlight

If you follow me on instagram (@lasims915) you would have seen the below picture last weekend. I figured I would take a bit more time why I LOVE these products and also links for you to purchase on your own!



1. Too Faced Palette – Boudoir Eyes. This is one of my favorite palettes because it works great with my blue/gray eye color and I love wearing purples. You have endless options with this palette in my opinion. You can purchase for $36.00 from Sephora by clicking here.

2. Rodan + Fields Redfine Multi-Function Eye Cream – Ladies and Gents this is a game changer for sure. I’ve always had super dark skin under my eyes and lids and have always had to use a concealer just to get a good even base. With this eye cream, although it helps reduce puffiness and fine lines, my goal was to have a brighter eye area and after 2 months of using day and night I’ve achieved these results. I’m still using a little bit of my concealer but not as much as I used too. The product has a guarantee for 60 days but I know I will be able to use this tiny container for 4+ months. You can purchase directly from my site at retail value for $60  however if you are a preferred customer you get 10%, please click here for details. 

3. Osis+ Dust It – I was introduced to this little bottle a few years ago by my hair stylist. I have thin hair but I have a lot of it but getting volume or making my hair appear thick has always been a challenge. This stuff is amazing and a little bit goes a long way. It’s hard to explain for everything this product does, so you need to watch the video below. You can purchase through Amazon by clicking here (as low as $10.40)

4.  Rodan+ Fields Mineral Peptides – this is like Bare Mineral on steroids, best way for me to describe this product. I love it and it actually costs me less money then Bare Minerals. You can purchase from my website retail at $29 or preferred customer pricing at $26 (click here to purchase). It currently comes in 3 shades, light, medium or bronze. I use the medium color. 

A fun video of this product:


5. Psssst! Dry Shampoo – Ah my love for dry shampoo…I only wash my hair about every 3 days and my hair is healthier for it, not to mention I hate blow drying my hair! Don’t we all? I’ve tried so many different dry shampoo’s from Dove, Tresemme to about 10 other kinds and I always went back to Pssst! It never made my hair or scalp feel oily or made my hair feel rough either. Pssst! does what it needs to do and gives my roots a refresher from not washing but still leaves my hair soft with no residue. I usually purchase mine from my local Bed, Bath and Beyond but you can by a 3 pack here from Amazon for $17.71

What are your favorite must have products?




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