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I know we are over a week into the new year and I’m just getting to my Christmas Storage solutions post! Hey, better  late then never. Most of you may already have packed everything away, but I figured I would share this with you. This was our second Christmas together and my second time unpacking/packing up Christmas decorations and home decor for the Holiday season. I had a total of 6 huge storage bins which were filled with ornaments, lights, stockings and decorations for the whole home. It was a huge hassle this year bringing up all the tubs and the Christmas tree box up from the basement. I actually cringed thinking about packing everything away. I knew I needed to find something better. Let’s just say I have 4 empty bins now and a new Christmas tree bag! 
My first step after Christmas was to go onto Amazon and see what kind of Christmas storage solution deals I could get. I was currently using 4 tubs just to store the ornaments. We have a lot of ornaments that we don’t even put on the tree but keep because they are sentimental, problem is all those ‘sentimental’ ornaments were mixed in with the ornaments we actually put on the tree. Doesn’t make sense does it? I ended up ordering 2 storage boxes that hold 60+ ornaments, I figured this was a good starting point. The boxes I got are pictured above and you can purchase them by clicking here
So my process of organizing everything consisted of sorting through all the ornaments and putting them in the boxes. I still have room in both boxes for more ornaments. I have one box with the ornaments we use and ones that we don’t (both boxes are labeled). Now, essentially, I only have to bring 1 box of ornaments up from the basement, compared to 4. I think that sounds better, don’t you?
I then just organized (and labeled) the clear storage tubs with all the other Christmas stuff. This includes any decorations for the home, stockings, tree skirt, lights, etc. 
I can honestly say now that I won’t be complaining about bringing up all the boxes of Christmas decorations next year and I’m pretty stoked about that! 
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  1. This is a very organized way to store christmas stuff, thanks for the tip

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