Chocolate Covered Oreos

Chocolate Covered Oreos



I was introduced to these little pieces of pure sugar and chocolate heaven a few months back while in  Maryland for a work trip. One of my co-workers Molly introduced me to a double stuffed Oreo with a peanut  butter cup in between, then covered with chocolate. I was in love at first glance. Biting into one of these is amazing because who doesn’t love oreos or peanut butter cups? The only thing I was missing was a glass of milk and a bed for a nap right after. I knew right away that I would want to make these on my own.

These are seriously so easy to make…..all you have to do is melt some milk chocolate chips (I used the microwave) and separate your oreos and place a peanut butter cup in between. Next you take your stuff oreo and dip it in your chocolate to cover. I placed all my completed chocolate covered oreos on some parchment paper to harden. I then transferred them to the fridge to cool. That is it – so SIMPLE and easy! 

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