Days of the Week Clothes Pins

I’m really looking forward to this new year and completing all these little projects I have stored up in my head. I thought I would get a head start on one of my projects, though it is not complete. BUT I can’t help but share it with you now because then maybe I will complete this little DIY project,sooner rather than later. 
It’s just the husband and I plus two dogs in the household and sometimes meal planning gets a bit tricky. We work different hours from each other but we do get to have dinner together some nights during the week, which is really nice. I’m the type of person that enjoys sleeping a little bit longer in the morning and I fail to give myself ample time in the morning to do anything but get dressed and get out the door. It would be ideal to plan what we will have for dinner the night before but after a long day of work, if your like me, you just want to relax. We often are trying to figure out what the heck we are going to make that evening during the day, which I don’t like. 
So what’s the solution? I’m going to make a little menu display for us. We decided that we are going to plan our meals for the entire week on Saturdays (or Fridays) that way when I go grocery shopping either on Saturday or Sunday I know what items to purchase. I want to display the meals we intend to make in a place that will be seen. I don’t want that out of sight out of mind scenario to kick in. I’ve seen some pretty cool chalk board menu boards, but I really don’t want to deal with purchasing chalk and wiping down the board every week, I want simple. 
My first step to completing this project was to create Days of the Week clothes pin. The clothes pins will be used to hold up what ever meal we are cooking that night (printed on paper of course)  I had played around with making labels and/or magnets too but then clothes pins entered my mind. I purchased white clothes pins from Meijer for $2.99 which is pretty good. The rest of the materials I used, I already had. I wanted to dress up the clothes pins and label them so what do you do? Washi Tape of course!
All I did was put a strip of Washi Tape on the clothes pin and made a label to go over it. It literally only took about 10 minutes to do all 7. It was quick, easy and best of all s.i.m.p.l.e. 
Oh and if you love labeling things as much as I do, I highly suggest getting an awesome labeler. I got mine from Amazon and you can purchase it by clicking here.
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Washi Tape Outlet Covers

Do you have a Washi Tape obsession? I know I do! If you love crafts then you know what Washi Tape is…if you don’t know I highly suggest you start googling’ it and looking for it on Pinterest! I’m slowing building up my Washi Tape supply and I’m having fun with it.

Today I would like to share with you my D.I.Y. Washi Tape outlet’s! These outlets are in my office. I thought this was a lot of fun and super easy to do. Even better, it’s not permanent!
All I did was take off the outlet covers, wipe them down real good, chose my Washi Tape and taped on!

 photo lauren_zpsae9dd012.png

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