Vinny – 1 Year

Vinny – 1 Year

As I’m sure you know I love my dogs and any dogs for that matter. A little over a year ago I started volunteering at a local animal shelter, Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society. One of the best things about this shelter is that they are  no-kill and they work really hard to find home for all the animals they take in. All of my fellow volunteers are great people and we all love animals, especially dogs. About a year ago I saw this pictured:


This is Vinny, formally Trooper. They found Vinny abandoned in a vacant home around the 4th of July last year. It’s estimated he was left alone without food or water for about 4 days during one of the hottest weeks of the summer. Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society took him in right away. It was found that Vinny had parvovirus.  Parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease that can produce life-threatening illness. The virus attacks rapidly dividing cells in a dog’s body, mostly the intestinal tract and white blood cells. If not treated right away the dog can die. Vinny was diagnosed pretty quickly and he was a real ‘trooper’ while he was in the animal hospital. 


As you can see he was severely under weight at the time, he was approximately 14-16 weeks old when the shelter took him in. 1 year ago today I brought Vinny home:



David and I pretty much fell in love with him right away. We knew we wanted to get a second dog and a brother/sister for Hank while he was still young. Hank and Vinny took to each other right away.



This is Hank and Vinny together just after meeting….I can’t believe this was a year ago. Vinny was so tiny.




Even a year later these two are best friends and they are attached by the hip…or rather Vinny sitting on Hank. 



Another reason why Vinny is so special to us and another reason why his anniversary is so special to us is that today is also mark’s my late father’s birthday. I like to think that he brought Vinny to us on this special day. Happy Birthday Vinny and Dad.


You can read more about parvovirus here. I think any pet owner should be aware of this virus and as always, vaccinate your pets. 

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FLOR Carpet Tiles = The New Rug

About 2 weeks ago I shared with you my chewed up rug and my search for a new rug for our living room. Well the search is over! I didn’t end up getting any of the rugs that I posted in that post. I really wanted to buy a whole rug but then I got this amazing deal for Cyber Monday from FLOR carpet tiles. If you haven’t heard about FLOR you need to go to their website right now and fall in love with their products! I was actually looking for carpet tiles for the laundry room in our basement and I have been checking FLOR tile out and even received a catalog from them to look at too. I completely forgot about them until I received a Cyber Monday e-mail with a discount, buy 3 tiles and get 1 free. SCORE!
I searched all over the website until something caught my eye….and this beauty caught mine:
So, what do I love about this? For one it’s gray, it’s a low pile height and tightly woven so Mr. Vinny dog doesn’t decide to chew it up again. Also, it’s made in the USA which is always a good thing!
If you follow me on Instagram (left sidebar) you probably saw a sneak peak and a picture of the FLOR shipping box. Let me tell you, I was really excited especially since they said the color I chose was on backorder but I received it in less than a week. YAY!
So let’s see some close ups:
I played around with the pattern of the individual tiles until I got a design that I liked, I think Vinny liked it too:
To ‘stick’ together the floor tiles, FLOR provides you with these super sticky squares.
It took me less than 10 minutes to put all my ‘sticky’ squares on and then I vacuumed the rug and then that was about it! I’m very pleased with the rug and am looking forward to having it for a long time. One thing that is great about the FLOR carpet tiles is that if a carpet square gets stained or damaged I can easily remove it and switch it out with a new carpet tile, without having to get rid of the entire rug!

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When your dog eats….

About a week or so ago I was busy doing stuff around the house not paying attention and then I walked into the living room where both dogs were a bit quiet, too quiet. I couldn’t see what they were looking at because Hank was blocking my view.
And then I saw this:
Yes, that’s a very large hole in my beautiful rug that I love so much. You can see my wood floors through the hole. I know who the culprit was too.. It was this little guy:
That would be Vinny, the German Pointer mix breed puppy…….We got lucky with our first dog Hank because he never chewed anything. Vinny on the other hand requires a lot more training and apparently a watchful eye when I have my back turned. So where does this lead me?
Well I’m rug shopping now! A few things I’m looking for:
  • a low pile rug
  • fun pattern
  • hopefully puppy proof
  • Under $100
  • around the 5 x 8 size
If you follow me on Pinterest (button on left sidebar) you probably have noticed I’ve been pinning rugs like crazy! I’ve narrowed it down to a few favorites:
As you can see rug #1 looks a lot like what I currently have, however the material is different and is a very low pile rug which equals less of a chance of snags and puppy teeth!
Leave me a comment and let me know which rug you like best!
UPDATE! You can see my new rug here.

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