Month 3 to 6: Favorite Products

Month 3 to 6: Favorite Products

Happy Monday All! I’ve been wanting to do more baby favorite product posts but I didn’t find much more products that really made a difference to post each month. My last post was geared toward Months  2 to 3 which you can find here. You can find Month 1 to 2 here and the first few weeks here if you missed them.

This first one isn’t necessarily a product  but an amazing video that I’ve shared with fellow other new parents and it’s worked like a charm for them as well. New Moms and Dads, I introduce you to the Vacuum Noise:

I first remember hearing that vacuum noises are really soothing for babies and I remember one day Macklin was super fussy and nothing seemed to work. I plugged in the vacuum cleaner and he instantly calmed down. This was great but on the downside, I can only do so much vacuuming not to mention one of the dogs HATES the vacuum cleaner. I then found this beautiful video on youtube, 8 hours worth of vacuum cleaner noise. I’m happy to say that this video is saved on the ipad and both of our phones. I have used it in the car before too. It hasn’t put Macklin to sleep but if he is fussy it just soothes him. I will tell you this though, at first it was hard for me to get used to the vacuum noise but don’t worry soon enough you won’t pay any attention to it either.



I love this Banana Toothbrush which you can find for under $9 from BuyBuyBaby by clicking here. The frozen teethers did not work for Macklin but he loves this banana. He has two teeth now and more coming in and I love this banana, I put it in my diaper bag. He will literally just hold it and chew it for at least 30 minutes. This gives me time to clean up in the kitchen and to clean his bottles. I love this thing.


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Cleaning Tips: The Monthly Indoor Kind: Part 3

Cleaning Tips: The Monthly Indoor Kind: Part 3

Today’s post will be Part 3 to my ‘Cleaning Tips: The Monthly Indoor Kind’ series and will be the final post. I will be planning on making an outdoor series but I think I will wait a little while before we get into that.

However, if you missed any of my other cleaning tip posts, you can find them all below:

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study workspace2


laundry room1


utility room1



monthly cleaning tips2


Are there any cleaning tips you would like to see? Do you have any tips you would like to share? If so, click on the cute little orange comment bubble at the beginning of the post and comment away!


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Easy Paint Tray Clean-up & a Tip

I first learned how to paint from my Dad when I was about 8 or 9 years old. He was a real handy guy, always doing stuff around the house and me following learning from him. I remember that he was either painting my room or my sisters room and I asked  him to teach me how to do it. He taught my how to roll on paint and when to know that you need more paint on your roller and even taught me how to cut in. 

We always used a standard painting tray and would buy those cheap paint liners to protect the good tray and for easy clean up. I like doing this but sometimes I don’t realize I’m out of those cheap tray liners and don’t want to run up the store to get them. So what can you do in the mean time? Easy. Use aluminum foil. I line the tray with aluminum foil and when I’m done painting, I just fold up the foil into itself and throw it away. For some reason, I found this easier than the tray liners.
Now onto my fun and easy tip!

Have you ever been painting and realize that you  have a ton more painting to do and clean up only to have to finish painting the next day. I’ve always hated having to try to get the paint back into the paint can, cleaning the brush and roller only to use it the following day. Well, last year I learned an awesome tip from the Husband who learned it from his Dad. I have never heard of this but it really does work! We’ve done this about 3 times now and I’ve had no issues.

When I was painting my ceiling in the office last week, it required 2 coats of paint. Well, I had paint still in the tray and we were using a expensive special roller because it was a metallic paint finish. I didn’t want to purchase more than one roller. 

So what is the fancy trick? A garbage bag! Yes, a garbage bag…that’s it! All you do is put your paint roller and brush on top of the paint tray and put everything inside of a garbage bag. Let the garbage bag puff up a bit with air and close the garbage bag completely. I like to tie the garbage bag strings around the roller handle. 

I don’t know how this works but it keeps the brush and roller still wet. When you use it the following day it’s as if you left it for only 10 minutes, not 24 hours.
Do you have any fun tricks! Please share!
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