Sole Society

Sole Society

It’s finally feeling like SPRING! Sunday was just beautiful out although it was still a bit chilly. I’m just waiting to bring out all my Spring/Summer clothes and fun SHOES. So, have you ever shopped at Sole Society? They have new styles just about every week and fast and FREE shipping! 

Below are some of my favorites as we are getting into the warmer weather, now all I need is a tan. You can also check out some of my favorite styles from last week here


















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Walking into Spring

Walking into Spring

Hello April!!!! Now that it is April I’d like to think that Spring is actually here. However, here in Michigan we still have yet to have an super warm day. I just want it to be 60 out and sunny. With that in mind I’m just getting ready for all the Spring/Summer clothes and shoes that I cannot wait to wear. For this season I’m especially loving the idea of white shoes. 

I’ll share with you some of my favorites! 



Diba Rosey Wedge



Roxy Mirage III Flip Flop



Kelly & Katie Capri Ballet Flat



Coconut Jake Flat Sandal



Surprise Party Wedge



Venice Wedge

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Black Boots

I would say that I believe every female should own a pair of black boots. I say this because you can just about wear them with anything, dress pants, dresses, jeans….ANYTHING. I’m sad to say that my favorite black boots are dying….I have to get rid of them. I’ve had them for 6+ years and they have been wonderful. They are so comfortable. They have a lot of tear to the point that the sole of the boot is coming off and I won’t be able to wear them this winter. I’ve been doing some research for a replacement pair. One thing I do want in the new boot is that it is slouchy…possibly even with a buckle. The boot has to go to my knee and must have some sort of heel. I’m 5′ 2″ so anytime I can get some extra height…well that’s good in my book. 

Current favorite boots:
Now let’s talk about options. I don’t want to spend more than $100 on these boots because well…I’m tough on my shoes and I know they aren’t going to last me forever. I was realistic when I was searching for a new pair and looked at stores that I shop at all the time and more than likely will have some sort of coupon to get an even better price. 

First store….Target

Second Store…

Third and final store….JCP

What store would you choose? Which option do you like best??

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