Simply the Sims: Maternity Photos

Simply the Sims: Maternity Photos

A few weeks back I shared with you Where to Start as far as planning for and finding a maternity photographer, I then shared how to prep for that photoshoot as well. I’m happy to say that we have completed our maternity photo session and since then have received the photos back from our amazing photographer and I already had prints made which have already been placed in frames throughout out home and in Baby Sims nursery.

So how did it go? The shoot went great and we were lucky enough to have great lighting for a cold February day. My photographer, Candice is part of the husband and wife team of Lamarand Style Photography. You should really check out their website by clicking here and visiting their Facebook page by clicking here. Candice was a pleasure to work with and she was super laid back and chill. She made sure that we were comfortable and spent some time with Hank and Vinny too. She was very patient while working with the dogs, especially Hank who just wanted to give her a bunch of kisses. Candice also made sure that we got the type of pictures we wanted and was more than great at making sure the angle was good for us and that we didn’t look too crazy.

I’ll share some of my favorites with you all.

Please do not alter these photos in anyway and all photo credit goes to Candice with 

Lauren35wks-1271 (1)


Lauren35wks-1304 (1)


Lauren35wks-1341 (1)

Lauren35wks-1428 (1)

Lauren35wks-1451 (1)

Lauren35wks-1471 (1)

Lauren35wks-1498 (2)

Lauren35wks-1526 (2)

Lauren35wks-1537 (1)


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With the first month of 2015 behind us I’m focusing on what my blog will be like in the future. I first started off creating this blog as a fun way to show some DIY project, home inspiration/design/decor, some food recipes, fashion and a little bit of personal things. I’m happy to say that this really is a lifestyle blog because it’s really a little bit of this and that and it really sums me up perfectly well. I don’t think I would be able to blog just about one particular subject – I would really get bored with that.

I hope you like the Simply the Sims blog and I try to keep things as simple as possible because I have found that with everything in life, keeping things simple helps with the craziness of the world that we live in today. Keeping things simple in life really allows me and my family to focus on what really matters and that is happiness. If you are happy then nothing can hold you back. Being happy and being able to laugh and relax has been the key for us in this blessed life. 

My blog may slow down a little bit once Baby Sims decides to join the world however I plan with great organization skills and my determination I can make this little blog simply amazing. If you like my blog please follow me on my other social networks, talk about it, share posts, subscribe but mostly just enjoy.

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If you are new to my blog, well Welcome and Enjoy. You can read ‘about’ me by clicking on ‘About’ and if you want to share a home project, recipe or anything really let’s connect by clicking on my ‘Connect’ page. 



For those of you who frequent my blog please follow me – I try to post as much to Facebook and Pinterest and you can sometimes get little sneak peaks on Instagram of projects I’m working on. Spend some time checking on the right side of my page where you can find how to subscribe (I promise you won’t get spam e-mails from me), look up different categories, search for something old or search for a topic. 

As always lets get the conversation going and click on my favorite orange bubble to comment. 


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Something Special is Coming in 2014

In September 2010 I became a first time Aunt. I have to say seeing my nephew for the first time changed me. I never thought I could love something that small that BIG. Let’s move down the line 3 years later and this little nephew of ours, Luke is a smart little man. He is just too much fun and such a delight. I love that kid. I’m so happy that I can finally announce that I will be an Aunt again once more in the summer of 2014. I couldn’t be happy for my brother and sister-in law that they are expecting a new little bundle of joy! Luke couldn’t be more excited about being a big brother! I think David is pretty excited about being an Uncle again too. 
With that in mind comes the guessing, boy or girl??? I went with my initial gut feeling last time and was right when I said boy. My sister-in-law was so sweet and let the family come with her during her ultrasound appointment to find out the gender AND we get blessed again to do it for Baby #2. February can’t come soon enough. My initial gut feeling this time around was girl. 
So with that in mind, I’m pretty much obsessed with children’s outfits. I love all the little man stuff but I just LOVE love the little girl clothes. So let’s take a look at some of my favorite pins from Pinterest of little girls and their darling outfits!

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