Diaper Bags for Toddlers

I haven’t done a post about favorite kid products in over a year…

I’m really slacking, aren’t I? I was looking through some older posts and realized this. 

Next month I will have a TWO year old! How does that even happen?? A a first time parent

I’ve gone through so many different products trying to find what works best for our family.

Macklin is not yet potty trained but has been showing interest in it lately – so no tips as of yet

on that subject. However, with that said, I’m still rocking my Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag which you can read about here!

I still get compliments on this bag about 2 years later. I love wearing it as a backpack the majority of the time. 

It’s comfortable yet stylish and Dave doesn’t look toooo bad rocking the diaper bag once in a while. 

Now instead of it holding bottles on the sides, I have a water bottle for me and a sippy cup for the little man. 

So what do you pack in a diaper bag for an almost 2 year old?

||diapers||wipes||change of clothes||extra socks|| boogie wipes||

||sunscreen || sunglasses || hat || chapstick || sanitizer||


Did I forget to mention, snacks?

I try my best to avoid having toys with me as I don’t want to leave them behind

I also try to engage the little man with the environment we are in as well. However, if needed

I’ll throw in one of his little cars in the bag which will entertain him for a while. 



Mom’s what do you have in your diaper bag?

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Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

This isn’t really a resolution because I’ve been working on this before 2017

kicked off. I’m really making a bigger effort to simplify our home. 

I always considered my self a clean and organized person and

since becoming a parent I’ve been more organized then ever. 

All of Macklin’s toys, clothes, everything is organized and I know where I can find everything.

His stuff is so organized that my almost two year old is organized himself. I noticed it pretty early 

on that he was a clean freak but now even more so then ever. With that I want to simplify more things in our home.

That all starts with this HUGE catch call buffet:


A little story about this buffet. I got it for free at an estate sale before we moved into our home in 2012.

It is a great piece but very large. We only have stuff stored in it – mainly all our hats, gloves and winter scarfs.  

With that said – we are really only using it in the winter months. The rest of the drawers and doors literally 

have left over junk and random things in there. We will be donating the buffet soon to the local Habitat for Humanity store.

Did you know they will pick up your furniture for you? free of charge! (score) This thing is HEAVY!

Anyway – I still need a place to keep our winter stuff and maybe some other odd items.

I’ve been looking for a nice small and simply storage cabinet. 

I’m very open to the style color, etc. I just don’t quite know what I want just yet. 

Here are some that I found – what is your favorite?

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Organized Nursery Dresser

Organized Nursery Dresser


Macklin turned 2 months old yesterday and I can’t believe it. Time is surely flying by and pretty soon I will have to go back to work. Keeping up with the housework and other things have surprising been pretty easy, then again I’m home all day, we shall see what happens when I go back to work. We decided on the Ikea dresser shown above to be our main piece of furniture in the nursery. I didn’t want an actual changing table rather something that would grow as Macklin grew. I love that we have so many drawers and the surface is super easy to wipe down as well. One of my favorite things about this dresser is the drawer pulls which are numbered. I love them because one they are super cute and they are a great blue color for our little man. However, they serve two main purposes besides looking cute. The first being that they can be educationally for Macklin as he gets older, learning his numbers and we can organize  his things based on a drawer number so he knows where to find something. I can already foresee in our future….”Mom, wear are my socks?!”……”drawer #2″. They are actually serving as that purpose right now, mostly for my husband and family members if they are helping out. If they need to get something for Macklin and it’s in the dresser I can easily point them to the correct drawer. 

IMG_2634 IMG_2635


It’s been 2 months since I first organized the dresser and I just guessed where I would place items, not knowing if it would work for us. I pleased to say that it really is working out for us. So what’s in these drawers?

#1: DIAPERS – enough side 

#2: Grooming and Health items, brushes, nail slippers, medicines, etc. 

#3: Socks, mittens, hats

#4: BIBS



#5 & 6: Onesies (in current size), sleepers, swaddlers and trash bags for diaper pail.

# 7 & 8: burps cloths and all bath time towels

The last bottom drawers hold extra supplies for now like wipes and thicker blankets that we aren’t using just yet. These photos were taken about 3 months ago and the only changes is that instead of size 1 diapers in drawer #1 we have size 2’s. If I were too take a picture today they would look the same. 

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