Mini Kitchen Update: Part 3

One of the reasons why I started writing this blog was not to only document updates to our home but to also give me the push to complete projects. I have this small tendency to start one project, get ideas for another and next thing I know I’m working on 10 different things and they take forever to complete. I already have some ideas for other areas in our home but I’m not even going to mention them yet because I don’t want to get side tracked.
To get started on my third mini kitchen update, first don’t forget to check out mini update #1 and mini update #2. I’m still working slowly towards my ultimate goal of an updated kitchen next year on a slim budget. You can see more of my kitchen inspirations here. With this new mini update I wanted to do something fun with my upper cabinets that glass windows (now frosted). I’m still slowly working on that kitchen clutter in this area. Remember, organization isn’t necessary a quick process…..there’s a lot of thought and brainstorming that goes behind organization….I’ll leave all of the thought process for another post.
Anyways, I love color in the home but most importantly I love making smart choices with bold colors. I don’t want my home to turn into a rainbow necessarily. When I talked about adding color in your home, you can start off with something small. In this case I wanted to add a pop of color to the back of the glassed cabinets, for fun! This project was very simple and easy to do. BUT first I’d like to include some inspiration pictures of bold colors/patterns behind shelving.
1 /\ 2 /\ 3 /\ 4 /\ 5 /\ 6
Let me first start off with a before and after of this little project:
I did not paint the pattern on the back of the cabinets, rather I used wrapping paper. I purchased this wrapping paper at TJ Maxx and a little bonus it was made in the U.S.A. (score!). I first emptied out my cabinets and cleaned them all really good. This project did not require me remove the shelves because there was a big enough gap in the back for the paper to slide behind.
I first measured the inside of the cabinet and then cut the paper to fit. I did give myself extra in length just in case (just cut off the extra). I slid the paper behind the shelves and secured it with tape on the back at the top and the same at the bottom and then you done!
If this is your first time experimenting with bold color this is a great option for you because it’s inexpensive and not permanent. It’s not time consuming like painting the back of the cabinets either. I like this option because if I get sick of the paper I can simply switch it out to best fit my needs.
If you have some quick mini update you’ve made to your home, please e-mail me (see connect page) pictures (or link to your blog post) with your story to share with the readers.


You can view this post at the Home Coming Link Party along with some other amazing DIY projects!

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Mini Kitchen Update: Part 2

Yesterday I shared my mini kitchen update post with you about frosting the glass cabinet doors in my kitchen. I’d like to share another mini update that adds to the decor as well as organization of my kitchen. I love to cook and bake and I need everything I use in easy reach, such as flour, sugar and so forth. I thought I had my baking organization settled but it just wasn’t working the way I wanted to. I had my flour and sugar in a vintage steel canister set that I thought was really great looking. I loved that the canisters were vintage and that they were labeled. If you love organization like me, you love your labels too. I had other baking items like powdered sugar and brown sugar in plastic containers with lids on them.
Here are some of my issues with the system I was using:
  • The steel canisters, although nice, they weren’t the best material. The lids weren’t super tight and I couldn’t see what was inside, unless I opened them up. This lead to me believing I had plenty of flour available when in reality, I probably should have bought another bag. Clear glass would solve this problem easily.
  • I only had 3 steel canisters. They were labeled tea, flour and sugar. I didn’t have enough canisters for all my needs.
  • I had to utilize other storage items to hold things like my pasta, brown sugar, sugar, oats, rice and flour. Nothing matched…which I don’t like.
I knew that I wanted glass containers that sealed good so that my food products would stay fresh longer. I also wanted to have them all labeled and the labels to match. I found these really great glass containers from The Container Store. They come in two different sizes, I ordered 2 of each to start off with since they are a bit pricey. I then wanted to get labels for these new containers. I found this amazing blog, called A Mustard Seed Dream, she also has her own Etsy site which you can access from her blog. I ordered a set of vinyl labels. I got to choose the font and color. I chose gray! If you follow me on Instagram (@lasims915)(link is also on the left sidebar) you can see the other vinyl labels I haven’t used yet!
Here are some photos of the new canisters and the old I had…let me know what you think!

I had to add the vinyl labels myself….I followed the directions that were given with the labels and they worked out really great. I still have to get canisters for my other labels I have yet to use. Also….we go through a lot of oats so they got the large canister!

For now I have the flour and oats container on my countertop to display and I also have them there because we use them often, especially the oats. I will be placing the powdered and brown sugar containers in the pantry as they don’t get used that often. I will be overhauling my pantry this winter so more photos and organization tips to come.


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Mini Kitchen Update

Do you remember last week when I mentioned the kitchen clutter that was driving me crazy?? I decided to get a start of doing something to fix it. I love organizing things but I also like designing things too. I usually think about the design first in most cases, I think it drives the husband a bit crazy sometimes.  However, I’ve ordered some pretty great bins for the cabinet from one of my favorite stores, The Container Store. They should be arriving on my front porch any day now, I cannot wait. In the meantime I wanted to do something with the glass for those upper cabinets. As I mentioned in my kitchen ideas post a while back we have plans on updating the kitchen in 2014. Why not get a head start?
So I thought about ‘frosting’ the glass in the upper cabinets. I thought that it would give it a more modern look since the space is so traditional and it will help ‘hide’ some of the stuff in the cabinets. I looked online and thought about getting a film for the glass but didn’t really like anything that I saw. I did however find that you can frost your glass and other things with a spray can! I was so excited! You can find some frost class spray paint here and here. The process was quite easy, like with any project the prep work takes longer!
Here is a picture of the product I used:
Prep work? The first thing I did was cleaned the glass really well and taped off the surrounding area. I got a fan going and opened up the windows for ventilation. I also tape a big garbage bag over the opening of the cabinet to protect it as well. Looks nice, eh?
I just followed the directions on the can and it was very easy to do. It only took about 10 minutes to do all 4 cabinet doors. So do you want to see the final product? Well lets look at the before first….
And now…..
I have many more plans and ideas for this little area of the kitchen….more to come in the upcoming weeks of this little update.

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