Re-Covering A Seat Cushion

Re-Covering A Seat Cushion

Keeping in mind my massive 2014 ‘TO DO” list for the home, I’m getting ready to start making some little changes here and there to the home. I’ve really been wanting to re-cover the chair cushions in my dining room. It’s a really easy project to do but I do suggest having someone else there to help you! (I’ll explain why)


 IMG_1778b resize1

 Our dining room table set was a house warming gift from the In-Laws when we first purchased our home in 2012. I love our dining room table  but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the fabric on the seat cushions. Fast forward 2 years later….I’ve lived with it and now I knew what I wanted. I knew that I wanted something with gray in the fabric to tie in with the future changes I would be making to this space. I went to a local fabric warehouse to search for my new fabric. I didn’t want to go to Joann’s or any other places because I wanted to do this project for as little money as I could. The local fabric warehouse I go to has a huge variety of different fabrics and a major discounted price. They have designer fabrics that they get in their warehouse. They get these expensive fabrics for at cost from the fabric mills when they are selling off the ‘extra’ fabric that they have. When I wanted to re-upholster one of my couches I went to the Fabric Warehouse where I was able to get 10 yards of really nice fabric for $7.99/yard compared to $30/yd if I went to a retailer, like Joann’s. 


This is the fabric that I ended up with. It is a strong upholstery fabric, great for seat cushions that get a lot of use! This is a fabric that Crate & Barrel uses and I got it for $8.99/yard. I needed 2 yards for this project and my total cost was under $20.00 to re-cover 4 chair seat cushions. 


The first step was removing the seat cushion from the chair. It was very simple, I just had to un-screw 4 screws from the bottom and volia! Your done! My next step was to cut the fabric to fit the new seat cushion. What I did was lay the seat cushion on top of the fabric and I folded over the fabric onto the seat cushion to see how much fabric I needed in order to wrap it around the seat cushion. Repeat 3 times until you have all of your cuts done. 


 Once you  have all of your fabric ready you are now ready to staple your fabric to the seat cushion. I did not remove the old fabric rather to save time and I’m sure a huge headache, I just simply stapled the new fabric over the old. Stapling of the fabric to the seat cushion does require 2 people. It’s best if you have one person holding and pulling the fabric while the other staples! (Thank you Amy for your help!!). 

What I did was staple the fabric in the middle of the top and bottom of the seat cushion to hold it in place and then we just went around the entire seat cushion until it was completed. We did take our time folding the fabric at the corners to have a clean corner. It’s kind of like wrapping up a present. Once you do a few you will have it down pat for the next cushions. Once you have stapled the entire seat cushion you should have ‘left over’ fabric. Simply, just trim the extra fabric off with scissors. 

IMG_1773b 222

Once you are done with all of your seat cushions, simply just put them back on the chairs and then look at the amazing job you did! 

IMG_1775 IMG_1776 IMG_1779 IMG_1780

 In total this project cost under $20.00 and it took Amy and I about an hour from start to finish. If I ever want to recover the cushions again I would just remove the new fabric and do the same process again, leaving the original fabric on the seat cushion!

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The Big "TO DO" List: Part Three

Part Three of my Big “TO DO” list will be my final part. If you missed parts one and two, don’t worry you can catch them right  here and here. Part Three is solely all about the basement. We are fortunate in the fact that finishing the walls (drywall, etc.) is not on our “to do” list as we were lucky to have a finished basement. The basement is used as a ‘man’ cave for the husband, exercise area, storage, secondary bathroom and laundry area.
‘Man Cave’ area:
To do list:
  • install bookcases from Ikea
  • buy an area rug
  • paint the walls
  • hang sports stuff on the walls
  • install wall shelves
Closet underneath the stairs
To do list:
  • paint the walls
  • add additional storage, possible shelves
  • Overall – use the space to it’s best ability
Second Bathroom

To do list:

  • paint beadboard
  • paint walls
  • add frames around mirror
  • possibly replace /update vanity
  • do something with the concrete floors (currently stained blue)
Storage Room
To do list:
  • paint cinder block walls with Drylock paint to help waterproof
  • add shelving units
  • add shelving units/organizers in mirrored closet
  • Add a craft corner with built-ins, possible a desk?
Laundry Room

To do list:
  • paint walls gray (not shown)
  • add more durable shelving on exterior wall
  • build a table/folding station in between the washer and dryer
This sums up are “TO DO” list for our home. We have only been here 1 year and I’m looking forward to the changes we have planned for our home. I’m wondering how many we can get done in 2014. Of course I will be sharing our progress with all of you.
What kind of 2014 home projects do you have planned?

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The Big "TO DO" List: Part Two

It’s time for Part Two of our Big “TO DO” list. If you missed the first part, don’t worry you can catch up here.
I’ll start off with the floor plans of the home again for easy navigation:
You can read a little bit about this room here and here’s a finished view of this room:
To do list:
  • Replace entry door to left
  • Find and refurbish a small dresser to be placed in room
  • re-upholster chairs
  • re-upholster couch
  • move buffet in Sunroom
  • pain walls/trim
  • install curtain rod
  • sew/install floor length curtains 
Main Bathroom:

To do list:

  • paint over the horrible sponge paint job (pictured above) crisp white walls pictured below
  • remove/replace towel bar
  • Eventually gut the entire bathroom and start from scratch.
The Office:
You can read about my office inspiration here. Don’t forget to check out my updates to the office here, here,  here and here.
To do list:
  • purchase office furniture
  • paint walls
  • paint ceiling
  • stain wood floors to match the rest of the house
  • update the window coverings
  • install a window valance
  • install wall shelving
  • update the ceiling fixture, chandelier?
Linen Closet (not pictured)
To do list:
  • install more shelving
  • paint the inside
  • organize
Master Bedroom:
To do list:
  • stain hardwood floors to match rest of hardwoods
  • paint walls (started to think about possibly re-painting??)
  • install draperies
  • make a headboard
  • add art to the walls
Spare Bedroom:
You can read more about this room and see before pictures here.
To do list:
  • replace blinds
  • remove wallpaper
  • paint walls
  • add a feature wall (stencil)?
  • stain hardwood floors to match rest of house

To do list:

  • paint doors and moldings
  • paint horizontal stripes on wall
  • add wedding photos
Well that pretty much sums up our “TO DO” list for the main level and exterior of our home. Are you ready for the basement “TO DO” list?? Stay tuned….

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