Simple Things

Simple Things

So I have a 2 year old….

How did that even happen? I feel like I was just pregnant with

Macklin…but he is TWO!

He laughs, runs, plays, talks ALOT and he is just pure heaven.

he managed just to get the frosting on his lips. Colored lipstick is in style right?

This kid has his birthday just a day after his Aunt Kristen’s 

so we get to celebrate together!


Happy Easter All! This is the best picture we could get!


this is how we eat dinner now…any parents relate?

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Simple Things

Simple Things

I still love that picture and it’s so crazy seeing Macklin that young…I can’t believe

this little man will be 2 in just 2 days! Time goes by so fast. 

So we got a new rug for the living room….and I’m in love. I think I’ve gotten us a new rug 

every year we’ve been at this house. This is rug #5 and the golden color just makes me happy. 

Macklin’s favorite seat is his Momma’s lap. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Alright Alright – I don’t post much about RF here but I have to tell you they have just the 

cutest Mothers’ Day gifts! I would be happy if I got one of these. Need a gift for you Mom?

She will LOVE this and who doesn’t love a cute wristlet? 

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Simple Things

Simple Things

Happy First Day of Spring! May we be blessed with NO MORE

snow as we weren’t as lucky last week.

Does your dog lick the snow off your patio table? Our is perfect height for Hank.

As Macklin patiently waits for his fur brothers to come back inside 

from playing.

Here’s Mac and some of his buddies from day care on St. Paddy’s day. 

I actually was festive and got him a shirt….

Mac playing with his future girlfriends….as Makenna spits up and Olivia does

downward dog. 

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