Batteries: Simply Organized

Batteries: Simply Organized

Ahhh preparing for baby and future chaos fun has been on my mind lately. My home I would like to say is organized the best it can but with organization it is always changing to fit your growing needs. Our needs will be changing over the next few months and years to come. What works for the husband and I now will most likely not work for us a year from now since we are expanding our little family. Since getting all our gifts from our baby shower we have slowly been putting things together, organizing the baby room and also putting away some items we won’t be needing for a while. Who knew that just about every baby product, toy, whatever has to have a battery! I’ve always kept some AA batteries around the house for little things here and there but now we will be a fully stocked battery household of AA’s, AAA’s, D’s and everything in between. Previously, I had my batteries just thrown in our “junk” drawer in the kitchen. After opening the package and with time we would have some batteries still in the package and some hazardously laying around in the “junk” drawer with other items. 

I took a weekend to organize the batteries and the entire “junk” drawer. It took less than 30 minutes and at a ZERO $$$ cost to me. Want to see the before?


Lets see what is in there…hmm pens, markers, flash lights, felt, frog tape, camera charges, batteries and some other junk. I first emptied the drawer completely and threw out a bunch of junk and put away a lot of the items that already had homes. I wanted my batteries to be easily accessible and labeled clearly. I ended up using some left over craft/storage bins like this:


As you may recall, I used to store my jewelry in these types of bins. You can read on how I organized my jewelry by clicking here. I took off the lids to 2 containers and then started using the separating tabs to create my little cubbies for the batteries. I put washi tape on the sides to label the batteries. I could have used my label maker but I wanted something that I could easily peel off in case I needed to change the arrangement of the batteries later on. I also used the container to store my camera chargers as well. 

I used the second container to store pens, chap stick and other random things for the drawer. 

IMG_2469b IMG_2470b IMG_2471b




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