Baby Registry Checklist

Baby Registry Checklist

Our baby shower is coming up and I’m excited to see everyone and have a fun day of games, great food and seeing what our little one is getting – there will be a lot of love in the air. I was looking forward to planning the actual baby shower with my family like picking out the theme, creating the invitations and getting everything set up. One thing however I was not looking forward to was registering. I dreaded it! Whether your looking at Pinterest or reading article after article about what your baby needs it’s incredibly overwhelming for first time parents. I would see list after list or those ‘MUST HAVE’ products and think…..okay am I way over my head right now? I really waited the absolute last minute to figure out what we should register for because I was so not looking forward to it.

My process?? Pinterest, Pinterest and more Pinterest. I think I had so many pins about how to create the best registry checklist and blah, blah blah….I ended up taking a few hours and actually opening up and reading the posts, blogs, articles, etc that were linked to those pins. I ended up deleting a lot and in turn I found some really great blogs to reference once baby S gets here. So what did I figure out? What you actually need depends on many factors such as your lifestyle, how you want to raise baby, budget and where you live. If I were living in Seattle where it rains all the time one of those cool umbrella stroller things might be something I would need, but I don’t. 

I’ll be sharing some of my personal product picks below under some of the categories and of course once I actually start to use some of these products I’ll let you know what I actually thought about them. If you are expecting or have a friend or family member expecting please pass the link along to this blog post. 

Also, besides figuring out what you need for Baby you need to figure out where you want to register at. There are many things to consider such as prices, locations of the store, return policies, etc. If you live in a really small town with one major store like a Target, that may be the best bet for you. If you have a lot of friends and family that live out of town or state you may want to consider doing an Amazon Baby registry too. I opted for Buy Buy Baby because I felt comfortable in the store, there are several locations in my area, you can use Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons and the prices ranged all over the place. It’s really a one stop shop. 

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Crib /// We went with this gorgeous modern looking crib by Karla Dubois which can only be found at Buy Buy Baby. We also registered for the toddler rail that goes along with the crib. We already have the crib in the room and I must say that I love it. The crib is also made in the U.S.A. and has two great storage drawers on the bottom.

Mattress /// There are so many different mattress to choose from it’s a little bit crazy. I would suggest going to the store and seeing them in person, see how soft or firm they are or even how heavy they are. Remember, your going to be doing some 2 a.m. sheet changing so you don’t want a mattress that is so heavy. I can lift our mattress with just one hand. 

Bedding and Changing Pads /// This includes your choice of bedding as well as fitted crib sheets (3-4), waterproof mattress pads (2). I would suggest at least having 2 changing pad covers that way if one gets an accident on it you can quickly change it. 


Stroller /// We ended up going with a travel system by Britax. You can see the stroller travel system of our choice by clicking here. I recommend not only looking at reviews online of stroller options, but use the great comparisons guides, see how long the warranty is. I watched a lot of videos online of the strollers and carseats as well. Also, go to the baby store and give them a test drive, see how the stroller really maneuvers, is it easy to collapse? How heavy is it? Our travel system came with one car seat adapter but we registered for another one so we can have one in each vehicle. 

Baby Carrier and Wraps /// Don’t those wraps look neat for the baby? But at the same time I wonder how the heck do you do it and is it secure? It’s completely up to you but I chose to go with the classic Babybjorn carrier. After talking to some friends and actually looking at the wraps in person, I just wanted something more simple.

Bouncer/Lounger and Swings /// These are all great things to have to keep the little one occupied while the new momma and daddy have things to do. What are the key differences? Bouncers tend to be more portable and often contain no electronic parts whereas swings are generally larger (making it hard to transport from room to room). Each do serve a different purpose and is up to you. I did register for both a bouncer and a swing, I went with Fisher Price Luminosity Bouncer which you can find here.


Bottles /// Your own feeding checklist will vary depending on whether or not you plan to breastfeed, pump or use formula. I am starting off using Dr. Brown’s bottles and pretty much everything Dr. Brown feeding related. It’s good to have several different size bottles for as your baby grows.

Breast Pump /// If you are using a breast pump start thinking about what kind you would like. This will depend on what type of pumper your planning on being (just a few months, while you go back to work or if you will try to pump for 12 months). If you are planning on pumping on the go, they have great small pumps that can fit in a small bag and battery operated. Also, don’t forget all the extra pump parts and accessories you will need. Finally, check with your insurance provider to see if they will cover the cost of your breast pump. My insurance is covering the entire cost of my breast pump. 

High Chair /// Although baby won’t be needing a high chair just yet it’s still a big expense so I wanted to be able to register for it and store it until needed. We ended up registering for Graco’s 4 in 1 High chair seating system

Bath and Diapering 

Infant tub /// We ended up going with this infant tub  because it grows with your baby from newborn to toddler and after reading several reviews and talking to other mamma’s I was sold. 

Diapers, creams, lotions, shampoos /// For all the baby’s toiletries we registered with Babyganic and The Honest Company products. They are gentle and use natural products.

Health and Baby Care

 Humidifier /// We went with the Crane humidifier in orange

Healthcare Kit /// You can make things really easy by buying a whole pre-packaged baby healthcare kit. Make sure it has a good thermometer, baby nail clippers, bulb syringe and other any items. I also plan to have a first aid kit handy in each vehicle as well.


We didn’t really register for too much clothing because we have been lucky enough to already get a bunch of clothes and I know we will be getting as gifts as well. However, feel free to register for what you need. Keep in mind the changing seasons as far as what you register for and for what size.


You may also want to consider registering for items that you may not need for at least a year as well. Why do I say? Even if no one buys you the item, most stores will give you 10-20% off items that were not bought on your registry for you to purchase later on. Your giving your self a discount for the future! Check with the place you register at to see what their policy is. 

Moms, future Mom and Grandparents, what are your must have items?


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