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Beige: This is the kind of home I grew up in. Beige carpeting, white walls, beige furniture…no color anywhere. Then you walked in my 10 year old self bedroom and what did you see? Purple carpeting, purple and green walls, bright blue, purple and green bedding. FULL of color. I do have to admit that the purple design phase of my young life didn’t last super long. Looking back, the color combinations were not so great. That room quickly turned into a light sky blue paint color and cool, crisp and light decor. Much more relaxing.

Where do we spend the most of our time? Besides work we are at home. Like most of us, I want to be in a comfortable, bright and relaxing space. I want to feel energized and happy. For me, too much beige is just blah! 

How many of us are used to seeing a space like this?
This type of space is very formal and I’m sure the furniture is really comfortable but I would be afraid of touching anything or getting it dirty.

Changing Your Mind: If your anything like me you get sick of things and want to make some changes. This applies to my wardrobe, hair length and home decor.  I think my bedroom growing up changed about 10+ times. Thank you parents for letting me repaint and get a new comforter like every year. 

We’ve been our home for a little over 1 year now and I’m already wanting to make changes to some spaces I thought were complete. That’s one great thing about style, it’s always changing. However, redesigning your rooms can get expensive. So what can you do to help satisfy your appetite to update/change? First and foremost, take your time when purchasing your big items, like your dining table/chairs, sofas, bedroom furniture, etc. Stay with classic lines that you won’t get tired of. Although I mentioned my dislike for beige, beige isn’t always bad, if used in moderation. Having a beige couch for example isn’t bad. It’s a great neutral palette for the rest of your space. Anchor your beige couch for example, with a great patterned/colored rug, color on the walls, or colorful pillows. 

What do you notice in this picture? Beige walls, beige couch/seating area, beige window coverings and beige rug. What do I like about this space? As mentioned above, a great way to anchor a beige space is the use of colorful pillows. This space has an abundance of color through the use of these great pillows. The color choices make the space more vibrant and less formal. I would have added some colorful art on the walls to tie in the pillows a bit better and some color in the rug as well. However, this is a great example of the impact a pillow can make to a space. Pillows are not super expensive either, you can either purchase colored pillows, pillow covers or make your own pillow covers. The feeling of this room can be easily changed by just changing the pattern, color and texture of the pillows. It could look and feel like a completely different space. 

Painted Rug:

Colorful Pillow(s):

Bedrooms: This is a space where you can add wonderful color and change it up easily as seasons change. Again, spend the time and money on great anchor pieces for your room. For example, a great bed and dresser. Our bedroom has dark brown wood floors, black/brown furniture (classic, simple lines) and a brown/gray wall color. Sounds like a lot of beige doesn’t it? It doesn’t feel that way though. We lighted up the space through the use of flowers, drapery and bedding and little decor pieces. Are bedroom is not huge so I do not have a rug, although a bright colored rug would be gorgeous! 

Beige Room:
This bedroom isn’t terrible in my eyes. It has a great anchor piece; the bed. It is a classic piece. The bedside table has glamour with the mirrors but it is also cleaned lined. The bedding and accessories just don’t do it for me. Again, add some color! Don’t be afraid of it!

Colored Room:
Now this room has similar anchor pieces as the previous room. Light colored walls and a beige bed. The difference? Color in the accessories and bedding. This makes a HUGE difference in the overall feeling of the space. I prefer the second picture over the first one. One thing that I do to make easy changes in our bedroom is the use of a duvet cover. I have a down comforter and when the seasons change or my mind changes I just change the duvet cover and pillow covers. This is a super quick and inexpensive fix to change up your room. 

Color your Furniture and Accessories: A great way to add color to your space is through your accessories and furniture pieces. If you aren’t afraid of some bold color take a risk and have a piece of furniture that is BOLD, like this below:

I just love that green dresser, it is so bold and makes me happy. I have a little mud room space off of my sun room that leads to our backyard. We have a fabulous oval shaped window and space for a great piece of furniture like the one above. I plan on visiting some estate sales or the Salvation Army to find something that I can fix up and paint a bold color. My search will continue. These cute little bottles above are a little DIY project. You can find the ‘how to’ by clicking on the link below the picture. Again, another great way to add color to your space. I’m sure you can have different bottles/colors based on the seasons as well. A great and inexpensive way to add color and change your decor in any space.  

Don’t be afraid of color. Start off small with a lamp or a pillow here and there. Gradually increase the color in your spaces and see how you like it. 

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