A Kitchen Remodeled

A Kitchen Remodeled

Doesn’t everyone love a good remodel story? I have one for you about this adorable remodeled kitchen!

My friend Stephanie and her boyfriend Drew purchased their first home and it’s an adorable one at that. They have the cutest little

dog Whinnie and have been working so hard with the help from their families to make their kitchen beautiful. They JUST finished everything. 

I asked Stephanie a few question about her kitchen, here is what she had to say:

What did you envision for the space?

As soon as we walked into the house I wanted to brighten the space up, but when house hunting this kitchen stuck out to me the most because the floor plan was already opened up and the structure was good. I love the Farmhouse and French Country style, so I envisioned the backsplash running all the way up to the ceiling to take advantage of the space in between the cabinets and windows, I knew going into a renovation I would do the wood/shiplap rustic look in the kitchen. The cabinets were a great brand, just not my style when it comes to color so painting them was the option that made sense and to save us money!

Did the result meet what you had wanted?

Absolutely, and I thank HGTV and Pinterest for that. I was constantly comparing before and after pictures from inspiring kitchens I was replicating and I continued to model my kitchen off smaller kitchens with a similar layout during the process. The space is so much brighter, updated with the finishes that now match our taste and it gives the house a cleaner look.

What is your favorite piece in your new kitchen?

The island! We didn’t have a huge plan for the island because my efforts were so focused on the cabinets, back splash, and larger finishes, but in my opinion it ended up being one of the coolest parts of the kitchen. We decided to go with the butcher block counter top for contrast and function, and mid renovation decided to add the trendy/farm house X to the side of the island for a pop in the design. On the other side of the island we have 3 large cabinets we use for our pantry and storage. We also mostly use this space as our kitchen table, so having a wood Oak island works in so many ways.

What was the hardest project of the remodel?

Painting the cabinets. 3 words – DO. YOUR. RESEARCH. Research saved me here! I found an awesome blog called The Chronicles of the Home which did a great job of outlining the appropriate steps to take when painting cabinets, How To’s, recommend products and paints, ect. Painting cabinets definitely isn’t a ‘weekend project’ but is so worth the return if you put the time and effort into it. Following the tips and tools I reach online led my cabinets to turn out great! The prep time is what took the longest, removing the cabinets, labeling them, cleaning, sanding and priming them. The paint and ploy was the easiest part and the overall project took me 3 weeks.

What are you looking forward to doing next in your new home?

Our ‘ugly bathroom’ is the next and final step in the house. This is the only room we haven’t touched yes since purchasing the house and we’ve given it that temporary name because it has very bright and outdated colors in there. The first weekend in the home we removed and replaced all the floors, along with painting so we could move in all of our things after that. Now that the kitchen is done, we have the small half bath that will need a complete renovation and we will be done! I am currently researching into looks for smaller spaces like that, and am hoping to get that done by summer.

Let’s take a look of all the photos of the space!


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  1. Love the tips on how to paint cabinets the right way! The kitchen looks awesome!!!

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